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Podcast #3 – 04/06/09



  Hello! Below are all the things we talked about on this weeks podcast! Some of the links will be clickable to take you to the products!

New Look New Stone Boyfriend Blazer 30.00

We LOVED this blazer. We saw it in a magazine and had to check them out. The summer is lingering but so is the rain so jackets are hard to get right. Blazers are such a cool way to stay warm in the confusing weather. New Look also stock these in Dove Grey, Black & White. Perfect!

Revlon Tropical Temptation £4.19


I, along with most girls at the moment, seem to be obsessed with Coral colours. It just makes me feel so fun and summery! The best one i’ve found so far is Revlon’s Tropical Temptation. It doesn’t promise anything like others seem to but actually dried a lot quicker then some and haven’t chipped yet and it’s day six so rock on! Superdrug are selling it quite cheap at £4.19. Bargain!

Summery Primark Dresses

ue to summer making an unexpected show, we’ve all ended up throwing on our last years summer wardrobe. Primark was my cheap choice last year. They had SO many dresses for £4 that just are perfect because they look pretty, they are comfy and keep you cool in the heat..perfecto! No link for this one. When are Primark gonna get online?!


£5 Primark Boots!


Just thought i’d show you the boots i was talking about! They were a bargain at £5 and i love them! Cannot wait to bust these out with a pair of leggins and crop top combo!

French Letter Fair Trade Condoms.
So, last but not least, these are the condoms that French Letter sent to me to review. If you listened to the podcast then you have heard how much i liked them! They’re fair trade which means they are made in fairer working conditions for fairer way of living for the workers.

The box was gorgeous and completely unseedy or sleazy, it actually looks more like a box of chocolates which takes away any embarressment of buying them! The fact they are called French Letter kind of makes them feel sexy too. That sounds weird but its true. The ones they sent us were oderless and the ‘Sheer Pleasure’ type which were the thinner condom. They still had a little bit of a smell but nothing compared to usual condoms. My boyfriend usually hates them but he actually rated these 8/10 which is ace! They come in 4 different types of condom for £8.99 for a box of 12 and they also do great bargains on selection boxes so you get some variety too so make sure you check them out!

So, that’s it! We hope your enjoying the podcast so far! Keep sending us questions, tips, advice or feedback either on here, Twitter or the podcast page!

Sarah x x


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