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Wednesday 25th March 2009

I wish i had been this creative...

I wish i had been this creative...

Ahh, I’ve had a really bad week so far. Monday i had yet another ridiculous experience in the rain. (SORRY, i know this isn’t intended to be a weather blogbut it seems i have a pretty bad time with the weather at the moment..) and i couldn’t take the awful umbrella out because of last times disaster so i ended up buying a copy of the Sun to use like in the old American films when business men in trench coats run across roads to jump into cabs in New York and look gorgeous and romantic. I, however, did not. The wind was against me and the paper just did NOT want to stay still. It was a wet, windy, papery disaster. I even got mocked at by a couple of kids.

Note to self: gold moccasins don’t like the rain..


When Women Rule The World.

When Women Rule The World.


Moving on, I saw a programme the other night called ‘When Women Rule The World’ and it was seriously the biggest pile of rubbish EVER. I’m not a feminist, but i’m not against women’s rights either. I just honestly believe women and men should be equal and they’ve already shown this, physically and mentally. The programme just throws it all down the drain. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about these 8 or 9 women who run a tribe together and they’re the leaders. There are 10 guys who have to do ANYTHING the women say and if they don’t they get punished. The winner does get £30,000 for good behaviourbut even that doesn’t seem worth the money to get treated like rubbish!  The one episode i watched was this poor guy who was a bit of an alpha male and in no way enjoyed being told off by women but (he was funny because he made a comment about one of the women looking like an angry Diana Ross – she really did!) anyway the women had these really stinky attitudes and just kept eviling the men and demanding they clean up (even when they did, they shouted more?) it was just stupid. It maybe could’ve been a good experiment if the woman didn’t treat the men so awfully on the first day!

 I do think a lot of men still believe in the whole ‘women clean, men work’ scenario but lots of men DO stay at home whilst the woman works so it’s much different then it used to be. Obviously everyone differs with there own views but  i have to admit, when i was single i felt so much more of an ‘Independent Woman’, ‘Sisters are Doing it for Themselves’, ‘I’m Every Woman’ kinda gal but sometimes, i really enjoy feeling looked after, wined and dined and protected by a male but women should definitely do it back from time to time…

 Fun Sites:

My Dailybooth

My Dailybooth

As you’ve all probably noticed, on the side bar there is my Twitter and Dailybooth accounts i keep updating. Follow me on both if you have them! If you don’t know what Dailybooth is, it’s a fun little site where you upload pictures of yourself daily like on a webcam, or macbook etc to show how you change day-to-day. I’m finding it really fun so check it out!

Sorry I’ve neglected the blog lately. I’ve found it really hard to be creative in a place that makes me kind of miserable 8 hours a day but i promise I’ll keep on the ball now. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with video blogging though. It definitely is happening but i wanted to get a web cam up & running first to do personal mini videos to make it more visual until i got a proper video camera but I’ve tried 4 now and had no luck. Went out and got a cheaper 5th one today thats had good reviews so fingers & toes crossed!

Okay, couple of updates. ‘Becky’s tried and tested’ section has got TWO new installments for you to check out and I’ve put up a little humorous bit under ‘Beauty & Style Tips’ about a disaster i had with my eyebrows. Becky’s are relevant to it so check them out. Tomorrow I’mhoping to get up another bit for ‘Lust List’ and hopefully crack on with some videos so it’s very exciting. The subscriptions button was also a little bit broken but I’ve managed to fix it now so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!  

So, sorry this has been so long winded, but i had lots to update you on! If you’ve got any comments, pictures or even video responses  for anything relevant on the blog, or just to say HELLO! then definitely do it because i love hearing what you have to say and what your up too etc!

Big love,

Sarah xox




Image Sources: Newspaper Guy, When Women Rule The World


~ Thursday 5th March 2009 ~

Bloggers! Exciting news!

I’ve been mind mapping alot today with Becky and to make this blog abit more real and fun, the tried & tested section is going to involve videos. A group of us are going to get together and test out some products just for you guys so you can see EXACTLY what happens (and when and if it goes terribly wrong!!). It’s going to get messy i can just tell, but hopefully you’ll think it’s lots of fun. Videos coming soon bloggers! Got any products you fancied trying but got cold feet, let us know, were more than happy to be your Guinea pigs!!

Also, were going to be putting up more photos to make the blog feel more than just words! So far, i’ve added a couple to the ‘Who the hell are you?’ section for me & Becky but they’l be more as the site progresses!

Don’t forget to subscribe and tell your girls to get involved too! Get chatting, even though it’s still work in progress, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, tell us your stories!!

Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed so far, you’re great! xxx

Sarah xo

~ Thursday 26th February 2009 ~

So, shareyourstyle has been up and running for about two weeks now and it’s really starting to pull together. Thank you to everyone who’s popped along to have a look, and i’m only sorry it hasn’t been finished before getting you to come and view but it’s definately going to continue and i’ll keep working at it. I can see a lot of people are hitting the Lust List section, (which is great because that’s my favourite bit!), so i’ve added a Spring/Summer 09 purses section to it now and promise i’ll keep it updated and hopefully keep you fashionista’s excited.

In other news, my good friend Becky has joined me for the blog and is going to do a products Tried & Tested Section. Were hoping that will work weekly so keep checking in for her updates! I’m trying to get a couple of other besties on board to have a little input for different ideas so I’ll keep you updated and let you know when something new appears!

Nearly payday which i couldn’t be happier about. I think this week has been the slowest week in the world. I have literally been convinced it’s already Friday too because I’m overly excited planning some carnage for this weekend. A big group of us are going to see my friends brilliant band on Friday (Check them out, they’re great; Cafe Racer ) and then I’m swanning down to London on Saturday to see my bestest friend in the whole world for cocktails, dancing and lots & lots of laughter so really looking forward to it! I love it when you have weekends planned out and just spend the whole week considering what to wear.

Oohh, almost forgot, i tried some falsh lashes for the first time last night from Boots and i thought I’d feel like Widow Twanky but they actually felt amazing. I was sat in all night  fluttering my eyelashes at Kain Dingle in Emmerdale… Anyway they were about £5 (i don’t know how much exactly because i had some money on my advantage card) but they were called Naturalites and they do all sorts of thicknesses!

Thanks again for your support. I really want this blog to be a success and just a load of fun for me and for whoever reads it. (I imagine it to be a fun little girls world to gossip about boys and clothes and STUFF) It is work in progress and will keep getting better and better.

Officially logging off for now to do other work (like EAT! mmm..) but have a brilliant weekend and keep checking back for updates!

Big snogs xoxoxo

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