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Saturday 26th December 2009

I feel obliged to write a post about something thats very womanly and a little bit disgusting but that needs to be addressed! This morning, after having a gorgeous but exhausting Christmas day eating my bodyweight in Matchmaker chocolates and Turkey roast dinner, I decided to treat myself to an indulgent bath to read a book. This relaxation plan was totally destroyed when i looked down and saw what could only be described as a couple of Cocker Spaniels resting comfortably on my legs “CRIPES” I thought, “Where the HECK did all that hair come from?! Have I honestly not waxed or shaved these little bad boys for so long that they now resemble PUPPIES??!!” 

Here’s the thing, I wear tights all day, every day and only ever have a quick glance in the shower so I haven’t checked out my pins out properly in ages and they’re totally neglected! The colour resembles an off-white/yellow colour (Which i can only assume is old tan?!) and they’re covered in bruises and, of course, the  previously mentioned HAIR. My poor boyfriend! And there’s me thinking that when he clutched my legs in the middle of these cold, wintery nights that it was accidental or a new form of foreplay, now I realise he’s selfishly attempting to keep warm! 

It just comes down to the winter months, and that’s who I’m blaming. As soon as June hits, I scrub, shave, wax & tan. I use cream after cream to make my legs softer than a baby’s bottom and then wear the minimum clothes i can get away with so I can show off the hour workout for Chezza Cole inspired legs. THEN, as soon as September hits, I cover up, dont wax/shave and could easily be mistaken for a Wilderbeast hiding out in the woods waiting to get some scram for tea. 

Point I’m trying to make is, why do we feel the need to let ourselves go a little bit during the winter? Is it cause we feel there isn’t any need to bother if nobody but ourselves will be seeing it and we won’t be showing it off? If so, do we ever only preen ourselves so others can see our goodiesat their best? Have we forgotten who we should be preening ourselves for? Or is it simply a matter of wanting to feel snuggly in the winter months?  

 All i know is, after an embarrassed face and shaking my head at how badly i have let myself go, I quickly remembered Roy had gotten three razors for Christmas SO, now I stand, armed with a brand new Gillette (with matching wash bag and gel don’cha know!) and I’m ready to take on any challenge. 

Now all I’m dreading is seeing what my armpits look like…. 




Tuesday 6th April 2009 

Love London

Love London

Hello fashionistas, I have just got back home from 4 days in London so I am feeling pretty knackered and partied out but i had such a hilarious time so it counteracts it! It really makes you realise how being with your girlfriends every now and then is SO important. You get a chance to talk about things that make you happy or sad and it’s really refreshing. I have lots of different girlfriends and each has different opinions, gossip, stories, style, humour – everything, and i love it when we get together and can just be silly!

I love travelling on the train alone on long journeys because i love getting lost in my own thoughts and I really like people watching. This time though i got slightly distracted by the treats combination of a city slicker next to me. I understand everyone gets hungry on long journeys but it was a boiling hot day and this chappy decided UHT skimmed milk and strawberries was his ideal snack and i couldn’t help but watch his tedious behaviour of  ‘bite strawberry, swig milk’ routine until a little girl in front of me decided i was definately more interesting to watch and stuck her head through the gap in the chair for the entire journey with no facial expressions whatsoever…

A  couple of days later, after doing a bit of shopping in Oxford Circus, i got lost coming out of Liverpool St Station  and ended up in the middle of a big posh work estate full of men in suits drinking coffee and looking at me like i was a tramp. So, feeling slightly aggravated and less than amused at being lost in London, i got told the right route and carried on until i had done nearly a whole circuit of Liverpool St Station and found my right bus stop. Then, a stranger comes up behind me and mumbles something but feeling abit flustered, I ignored it. He gets louder and eventually shouts “Excuse me lady, your skirt is tucked into your pants!” and when i looked down, to my horror he was right! My stupid, unattraactive love heart pants i wore over my tights to stop them falling down all day were completely on show with my lovely polka dot dress tucked inside. I was horrified. It must have happened when i got off the tube but that was literally 30 minutes ago! WHY HADN’T ANYONE ELSE TOLD ME!?!?!

Other than loosing a shoe, collapsing in the middle of a busy road, singing New York New York by Frank Sinatra on karaoke, table dancing thinking i looked like Paris Hilton (i didnt!) and showing a station full of people my pants-over-tights combo  it was a brilliant, pain free weekend!

So, back to Sharing Styles! I’m still waiting to see your videos or pictures of styles/products/advice etc. Had a few hints and tips which i thank you guys for but we need to get the sharing movement moving so GET RECORDING ladies!

I’ve got to unpack and wash but this week i’ll be updated lots to the blog and hopefully get some real videos up soon from you guys! Photos are also always welcome! The idea is to share any tips you have with others to let’s get doing it!

Big kisses,

Sarah xo


Image Source: I Love London Picture

I’d really love to see your videos/photos of any Product Testing, Beauty or Style Tips, Fashion Disasters, Advice, or anything else you want to show (nothing naughty please) so i’m running a little fun competition for you to send them my way and the best will be picked to appear on the site! Competition hasn’t got a close date yet, but there will be a time limit eventually so send them to and let’s get sharing your styles!

Sarah xox

Wednesday 25th March 2009

I wish i had been this creative...

I wish i had been this creative...

Ahh, I’ve had a really bad week so far. Monday i had yet another ridiculous experience in the rain. (SORRY, i know this isn’t intended to be a weather blogbut it seems i have a pretty bad time with the weather at the moment..) and i couldn’t take the awful umbrella out because of last times disaster so i ended up buying a copy of the Sun to use like in the old American films when business men in trench coats run across roads to jump into cabs in New York and look gorgeous and romantic. I, however, did not. The wind was against me and the paper just did NOT want to stay still. It was a wet, windy, papery disaster. I even got mocked at by a couple of kids.

Note to self: gold moccasins don’t like the rain..


When Women Rule The World.

When Women Rule The World.


Moving on, I saw a programme the other night called ‘When Women Rule The World’ and it was seriously the biggest pile of rubbish EVER. I’m not a feminist, but i’m not against women’s rights either. I just honestly believe women and men should be equal and they’ve already shown this, physically and mentally. The programme just throws it all down the drain. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about these 8 or 9 women who run a tribe together and they’re the leaders. There are 10 guys who have to do ANYTHING the women say and if they don’t they get punished. The winner does get £30,000 for good behaviourbut even that doesn’t seem worth the money to get treated like rubbish!  The one episode i watched was this poor guy who was a bit of an alpha male and in no way enjoyed being told off by women but (he was funny because he made a comment about one of the women looking like an angry Diana Ross – she really did!) anyway the women had these really stinky attitudes and just kept eviling the men and demanding they clean up (even when they did, they shouted more?) it was just stupid. It maybe could’ve been a good experiment if the woman didn’t treat the men so awfully on the first day!

 I do think a lot of men still believe in the whole ‘women clean, men work’ scenario but lots of men DO stay at home whilst the woman works so it’s much different then it used to be. Obviously everyone differs with there own views but  i have to admit, when i was single i felt so much more of an ‘Independent Woman’, ‘Sisters are Doing it for Themselves’, ‘I’m Every Woman’ kinda gal but sometimes, i really enjoy feeling looked after, wined and dined and protected by a male but women should definitely do it back from time to time…

 Fun Sites:

My Dailybooth

My Dailybooth

As you’ve all probably noticed, on the side bar there is my Twitter and Dailybooth accounts i keep updating. Follow me on both if you have them! If you don’t know what Dailybooth is, it’s a fun little site where you upload pictures of yourself daily like on a webcam, or macbook etc to show how you change day-to-day. I’m finding it really fun so check it out!

Sorry I’ve neglected the blog lately. I’ve found it really hard to be creative in a place that makes me kind of miserable 8 hours a day but i promise I’ll keep on the ball now. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with video blogging though. It definitely is happening but i wanted to get a web cam up & running first to do personal mini videos to make it more visual until i got a proper video camera but I’ve tried 4 now and had no luck. Went out and got a cheaper 5th one today thats had good reviews so fingers & toes crossed!

Okay, couple of updates. ‘Becky’s tried and tested’ section has got TWO new installments for you to check out and I’ve put up a little humorous bit under ‘Beauty & Style Tips’ about a disaster i had with my eyebrows. Becky’s are relevant to it so check them out. Tomorrow I’mhoping to get up another bit for ‘Lust List’ and hopefully crack on with some videos so it’s very exciting. The subscriptions button was also a little bit broken but I’ve managed to fix it now so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!  

So, sorry this has been so long winded, but i had lots to update you on! If you’ve got any comments, pictures or even video responses  for anything relevant on the blog, or just to say HELLO! then definitely do it because i love hearing what you have to say and what your up too etc!

Big love,

Sarah xox




Image Sources: Newspaper Guy, When Women Rule The World

 ~ Tuesday 3rd March 2009 ~

Oh, how stupid do i feel now after premature blogging about the delights of spring. If you have been outside today and nearly been taken away by the wind then i second that motion. Worst of all, it’s raining too, so I’ve had a ridiculously hilarious experience with a giant umbrella nearly taking me away – and I’m not a light person. Literally, on four occasions this giant umbrella turned itself inside out and was dragging me in the opposite directon screaming and swearing and loosing all composure with completely wild hair. HILARIOUS. Members of the public must have thought i was literally mental.

But, whilst i was dancing my way around the wind with wild hair and two left feet, every other woman i came across remained calm & relaxed and it reminded me of all the other times i fall into an embarrassing situation,  I always seem to be the one who ends up in me loosing all sense of dignity and watching others around me remaining composed and still looking fabulous whilst i look like a fiery beast. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!??

Had a great time in London on Saturday with my girlfriends. My favourite part (apart from the cool drinking places, getting dressed up and eating pizza) had to be falling into bed at 5am with my bestest and watching shameless and giggling for ages. For reasons i cannot remember, the word ‘Schlong’ appeared to have us in fits of giggles and we couldn’t stop talking about past experiences, hilarious male disasters and recreating news headlines and adverts for our male friends who are under the thumb and are never allowed any fun. Brilliant.

After a hectic weekend of travelling and drinking, this week has kicked off to a very bad start diet wise. I really honestly cannot stop thinking about cakes and sweeties and it’ driving me crazy. I’ve ended up throwing the diet down the pan and giving in and now have a sugar overload situation and worst headache ever. So disappointed in myself.

I did a lot of thinking on the train home though. My ipod is like a throwback from the 90’s full of cheesy stuff but it really helps relive certain experiences and gets me thinking. I’m entering a writing competition (don’t want to say too much to jinx it) which has to be in next month so I’m really conjuring up some feelings and musics a brilliant way to relive stuff. Especially if you, like me, tag a song to a particular situation and just listening to it brings everything back. Bliss!

Back to the important stuff,  Becky’s section is nearly finished, her first article is going to be on fake tan so keep checking for that. She’s trialled some at the weekend and has some brilliant advice for you ladies. Also, tomorrow I’ll be updating the Lust List section with my favourite topic, KILLER HEELS.

Don’t forget to subscribe too, that way you can get  groovy little emails every time the blog is updated so as it grows, you won’t miss anything!

Share your stories of what your up too, things to talk about or anything that’s on your mind. We want to hear from you! xxxxx

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