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I’ve been doing a little bit of research for my lovely blog followers and recently discovered a few sites i think might tickle your fancy! If you, like my great friend Emily,  hate buying things and getting people telling you they have it too then you’ll love these sites I’ve picked out for you! There wesbites where you can design your own items and are able to buy them too! (and it’s heaps of fun in the process!!)

Handbags: Freddy & Ma Purse Design .  This website was great for those who like designing from templates as you can choose patterns already uploaded and work from that. There are TONS of different patterns and colours to choose from. Couple of drawbacks are that it is a US site and they didn’t state delivery options so double check before you order anything that they definitely deliver to UK. And secondly, the prices are a little on the expensive side but they have a brilliant sale section definitely worth checking out as it’s tons cheaper!



Shirt made by me

T Shirts:  I found a couple of sites that were brilliant for designing shirts/hoodies as they were really easy to use and had great images to add to your shirts or you could even upload your own images – perfect for gift ideas! The one i used was which i found really easy and really enjoyed playing around on.There are a few other brilliant ones for good prices,  another one i came across which i thought was great was Street Shirts. They’re both UK sites and promise fast delivery! What more could you ask for!


Birthday Dress

Birthday Dress

Dresses: My personal all time favourite site for designing has to be creating your own dresses/tops/skirts on style shake ! It is BRILLIANT! I could play on it for hours creating dresses for nights out! Again it is a UK site so delivery isn’t usually an issue and they promise your dress delivery in 10 working days! The prices are what you’d usually pay for a special occasion dress ranging from £20+ for tops and £39+ for skirts and dresses! They have 3 different fabrics; silk, linen and cotton, and they all differ in colours. You can also add all kinds of accessories like bows, belts, feathers the lot. IT IS GREAT!! Careful though, it’s easy to get addicted to it! This is something i created for my birthday in January but i ordered it too late so it didn’t arrive in time so i didn’t receive mine but if you’ve checked it out let me know and show us your designs! 





Shoes: Lastly, i did search for a ‘Design your own shoe’ website but none really caught my eye. The only one which i did spend ages playing on was a site (which i later found out doesn’t let you ever HAVE the shoe!!) is Shoes Designer which is lots of fun to play with but a bit disheartening when you can’t ever have them! But to show off to your friends is always nice!

SO, there you have it! Hope you have fun designing them! Have you got any sites you’ve seen and want to recommend? Send me messages. Happy designing! xox


2 Responses to "Design your own…"

What is the quality/fit of the styleshake dress like? I have been toying of ordering one for a while am unsure as I havent found any decent reviews on them. Are the colours on the website true to your dress? Thank you!

Hey Tammy! Thanks for the comment. For my birthday dress i thought about it for too long so in the end it wasn’t going to arrive in time so I didn’t place the order. I was worried about the fit too but they do have a bit where you can put in your actual measurements so that you hopefully get the perfect fit. And i’ve had a look at the T&C’s for you, and they say that if you recieve it and it doesn’t fit, they don’t offer refunds but they will alter it for you free of charge! I understand your concern though, it is a lot of money to spend if it isn’t right but they’ve had a lot of media coverage raving about the product so fingers crossed they are as good as they say! Sorry i couldn’t be more help, let us know if you do take the plunge or send us photos of your designs if you fancy it! I’ve got a couple of parties coming up soon and will definately make another dress if i remember in time, IT’S TOO MUCH FUN! x

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