Share Your Style…’s harder than it looks..and anyone lusting over…

So, in order to get fit for the summer, I’ve recently taken up BOXERCISE. (never have I spent SO much money and shopping time on GYM CLOTHES!) Anyway, two weeks in and I feel like I’m going to DIE! It’s the hardest workout I’ve ever had. I knew when I took on the extra slice of cake that a workout would be hard but this is REDICULOUS. And, to make things worse, my neatly straightened fringe that I’d had the decency to brush to look smart, now gave me some kind of separated chav fringe that you’d see gracing young boys circa 1992. Not a hot look….

Anyone else tried it? How did you find it? DOES IT GET EASIER? Please say it does!!

Moving on, working with computers for 8 hours a day gives me a chance to do some online browsing so this is what I’m lusting over at the moment:


What’s on your shopping list for Spring/Summer 09? xoxox

Image Source: Topshop


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