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 This section will get updated with anything i’m lusting over or things i think others will love to know, about current trends, bargains i’ve noticed and any other must haves items! The links underneath ‘Lust List’ on the right hand side should take you to the different sections whenever i update them! xox


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I’d love to know where anyone shops for clothes, shoes & accessories!
I used to buy some really boring hideous bits & pieces, but I’m just starting to have a hellova lot more fun with clothes now..
If ever I see mention of a site a friend uses or come across something on the net I like, I ‘bookmark it’ and go check it out later.
I’m pretty useless at cleaning up the list and deleting bookmarked ebay auctions that’ve long since ended, & I’m ridiculously skint at times, but

here’s a few of my favourites right now:

For something a little ‘spensive when I’m feeling flush My-Wardrobe is my absolute favourite. I love going through the sale section and picking off a couple of reduced items from the lower-end designers, or if you have a favourite designer, you can hit ‘shop by designer’ and choose to view just the sale items within it. Sometimes, they’re completely affordable! Its a great site to get completely lost in alot of what’s on there is very expensive but its great for fun ideas and I quite like how each item is modelled on a manaquin so you can see the fit and shape!! I wish more sites would do the same. I’m a bit obsessed with this Sarah Coggles website for similar reasons. YUM!!

For something, a little different? Urban Outfitters is fun. I’m not a massive fan of much on there but when I find something I do like, I bookmark it and lust after it right ’til payday. I’ve noticed they do tend to put items on sale right after you might’ve purchased them though, so its worth waiting for something to come down in price if you can’t justify the spend. ( …or maybe I just like the unpopular stuff that doesn’t sell, haha )

For cheap & cheerful evening dresses I go to The Vestry, Rare Fashion,
Hudson & Hudson and Spoiled Brat. Alot of what’s on these sites I don’t fancy, but I think sometimes they’re fab for something to just throw on & get out. Sign up to email newsletters for these and they’ll email some huge discount codes. Usually the guys at Spoiled Brat tell you when you can get 30% off. 🙂

For not caring what you look like (ha), I seem to wear more and more band tshirts. There must be thousands of cheap sites out there, I’ve bought a few in a size too big for me from Backstreet Merch’, (nothing too scary or grungy) & chopped the sleeves off. i wear these quite alot. with huge, chunky jewellery.

For playing around, check out ShopStyle. I spent a while trying to look for a UK version of an American site I found called Polyvore. On Polyvore, people take items of clothing from different websites and put them together to build outfit ideas/ build collections.
Then you can click on any items of clothing, you like and you’ll be redirected to a site you can buy it from! I could probably sit on the internet all day looking at the beautiful things people put together, I really have no imagination myself.. but ..Polyvore & I fell out of love because, A) these guys just casually throw in something beautiful that turns out to cost thousands of pounds. bad-bad times, or, B) something dead cheap springs up but its from an american website that don’t ship internationally or don’t accept my pathetic bank card 😦


ShopStyle‘s the nearest I’ve found yet, for buying from the UK. Have a look! I use it occasionally if I know the kinda thing I need but don’t know where to find it, like I might type in the search form ‘navy white stripe’, or ‘nautical dress’ and scroll through the pictures of whatever pops up until I find something goooooood.

Maaaan, i love shopping on the net, I could go on forever..!


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