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The Big Size Zero Debate.

I know a lot of people are talking about this subject, but it’s just one of those subjects that everybody has a different opinion on. I recently was following a fake Lindsay Lohan on Twitter, and the constant daily updates on her profile about her blog, led me to see some truly disturbing things. Some of the posts were along the lines of how being a skeltor is sexy, showing pictures of celebrities and calling them either fat, or hot for being size zero and generally ridiculous things. I’m definitely not convinced it was the real Lindsay, but it’s still worrying to think that a) someone is pretending to be her and b) someone was actually writing such ridiculous things about people and getting  away with it.

It’s really sad to see that someone would call a curvier woman a “fat ass” because they’re not starving themselves to a ridiculous size for the media. The website is obviously a fake, (or maybe a joke to some people?!) but some of the comments people were leaving giving kudos to the posts were really sad. Curiosity took me to some other forums from real girls battling with anorexia and there really honest with the struggle to become tiny. It was heartbreaking to read one girls post who was calling herself greedy for eating chunky soup instead of continuing her daily fluid diet. It really makes me wonder as to how people end up that way. What challenges in life do people have to go through to end up feeling that the only thing they can control in their own life is  food?  Some of the girls i read about just genuinely wanted to change, they hated what they had become but they couldn’t feel the strength or often didn’t know how to go about it.  But some others actually enjoyed what they saw, they genuinely believed that being tiny will get them further in life, and it was making them confident knowing they were on there way to zero.  

I still feel strongly that the media is to blame. Weight issues are everywhere and it’s not just who’s loosing it, you put on a dress that looks a little tight and suddenly you’ve put on 10lbs and should diet again. It’s a whirlwind that’s killing people in the process. There is alot more help out there now then ever before. I’ve come across many websites designed at helping women overcome these issues and become healthy and well. I admire these websites and wish more was done to promote them because they really can save peoples lives.

I do believe that some girls are naturally slim and maybe they are a size zero naturally but there definitely shouldn’t be this much pressure from industries to become thinner. I also believe that if your unhappy with your body then its your right to change it. But do it for the right reasons, not because TV or magazines tell you to, but because you really want to either for health reasons or genuinely for yourself. I’m not saying for a second dieting is wrong, I’m in the process of attempting to be slimmer for summer myself, but it’s the addiction to pushing targets further and further that is becoming more and more dangerous for women. We should be encouraged to do it in the right and healthy way. I can see how easy it is to become trapped in the control of it, how addictive  it can become and how consuming it can be but for your own sanity, grab those cakes and let’s start wobbling! xox

If you really want to see the site which got me thinking, click here: Link Source 

Do you have an opinion in the size zero debate? Share your thoughts below xo

If you would like to see some websites aimed at helping people overcome this, please check the links page!


4 Responses to "The Big Size Zero Debate."

It really upsets me to think of the torture that some of these girls must put themselves through to achieve the famous size zero. I too have read some of these ‘pro anorexia’ sites and forums and some of the stories are really sad. Most of the discussions are about the struggles these young girls are going through on the road to recovery but some use the sites to openly promote not eating and give tips on how to achieve size zero. One discussion I saw, for example, was opened by a girl advertising a group fast. She proposed that those who joined the fast ate only ONE Nutra-grain bar and should wash it down with only ONE diet coke! I’m no nutritionist but consuming such low amounts of food has to be dangerous. It is painful to think that people will risk their lives in an attempt to reach this tiny dress size but with the world’s obsession with weight, brought on by the media, can they be blamed?

Size 0 isn’t right, full stop. Nobody is meant to be that thin and never has been. The pressure though is intense and I suppose the thought that “i’ll never be popular/rich/famous/the lot without being super skinny” is piled into womens heads all day long.

One thing i’ve noted before though, if you look at old (and I mean OLD) art, like Zero BC and before/after. The Aphrodites, Helen of Sparta, classical beauties. The type that are meant to be the dogs bollocks of all time. They aren’t skinny. They have curves and even, heaven forbid, small muffin tops. Just something to mull over.

I agree with a lot of it being because of the media, but it isn’t just their fault. I think it is also the girls fault (not to be mean to them) but they do allow themselves to think what they do. I had a friend that went anorexic a couple years ago. It wasn’t as bad as most cases but it was still an issue. Her issue actually was more mental than physical, she even had a book of “People to look like” with actresses like Keira Knightly and models like Twiggy on the list. She never told ANYONE what she was going through until she went to a doctor and told one of our friends. She kept it a secret because she knew it was wrong, but she still did it anyway, so that makes me think that its partly her fault for not asking for help. But shes fine now thankfully! A little weird, but eating healtily none the less.
I actually just read an interesting article in Flare called “The Shape Debate” it interviewed two models, one size 0 and one size 14. It was really interesting to see their thoughts on it. It made me rethink what I thought of models (especially the skinny ones).

Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s such a hard subject to talk about personally because i’ve never experienced it first hand which is why I wanted people like yourself to have an opinion. The fact you’ve been through it with a friend is great because you’ve seen first hand how, with a little bit of support, you can get better to come out of it. The problem is with all kinds of addictions, even if you know you shouldn’t do it, something will always force you to do it if you really “NEED” to. (Like over-eating, and under-eating) I find it hard to blame the girls because i think if it wasn’t shoved in girls faces to look a certain way, the seed wouldn’t be planted in the first place for it to become a mental issue. It isn’t the medias fault, but they don’t help. It’s rare to see a curvier girl on a magazine. If someone looses weight it’s front cover news, but if they’re putting it on, it’s front cover news plus 2 pages. You can’t ever win unless you are truely happy with your body and accept that the covers have so much airbrushing it’s untrue. And that being healthy and well is much better then overweight or anorexic. It’s realising that nobody’s ever perfect but you can be confident in your body and not have to aspire to celebrities or magazines. I don’t blame skinny models either, they want to make a living out of something that they enjoy and have only conformed to the rules that the industry has set out. It’s a really tough subject because you never really know what goes on in peoples heads but everyones got different opinions and experiences which makes it such an interesting topic.

I’m really glad your friend got out of it and managed to survive. Thanks for sharing your opinion and experiences, It’s nice to get some other views! xox

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