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Baby, those heels don’t look good on you….

Recently there has been ALOT of press about a new trend for fashionista babies a brand called Heelarious which is a soft heeled shoe aimed at babies 0-6 months and hoping to rock buggies around the world.  I chose this as a topic to blog because after reading lots of different forums, a lot of people have such different views on it. I read ALOT of blogs from women completely disgusted at the thought of putting babies in heels as it’s ridiculous, shameful and making babies more and more vunerable to society and becoming objects from a ridiculously early age. One lady went as far to say that parents who dressed their babies up in heels should be put in the same category as paedophiles and perverts because they’re using their children as another object in a very vain world. Another claimed that if you were to buy these, it’s encouraging children to grow up before there time and they should dress up there dogs instead.

I went to the website directly to see what they had to say about all the negative press they had received and how they go about presenting the product knowing they’d been getting a hard time. I am disappointed to say that even being completely neutral about it, they still didn’t really sway my opinion to agree. The website claimed the lady who came up with the trend thought that it would be ‘hilarious’ if a baby went  to a social gathering in heels and after joining heads with a childhood friend the idea became a reality. A lot of people are asking whether there dangerous to a babies movement but in their defence they say they’re not meant for walking in, they’re crib shoes for younger babies as a purely novelty idea. The site had a little bit of potential to sway my opinion, claiming they’re a harmless joke, not made for walking and claimed they are a hilarious gift for any parent. But then after further reading, i see a photo, and that just swayed it for me. They are ridiculous. Honestly, seeing babies actually wearing them made me see how ludacris he whole idea was. They are a completely novelty item aimed at parents rather than babies.

I wouldn’t go as far to say as i agree with the lady above but i can see where she was coming from. They are a completely vain accessory for parents to force upon there children and from the creator’s own omission, to be hilarious. I wanted to believe that they were a harmless shoe and just a harmless fashion joke but nothing is as innocent as that anymore. If things continue to go the way they are, children will be growing up faster and faster and striving to be adults too quickly. It’s not just parents or creators of ridiculous shoes, the media has a lot to answer for too. Children are constantly trying to grow up too quickly and with magazines and television encouraging it, it is no surprise. I don’t think it’s just these shoes or any other item of ridiculous clothing for fashionista babies are to blame for why society is the way it is, but it’s definitely not helping either. Children should be children for as long as possible, especially at the vulnerable age when they need to be helped the most. It is fraught with so much potential to encourage babies being used as dolls and encouraging younger women to think that having babies at a young age would be as easy as having a doll to dress up wthout realising the reality. Young people should be encouraged to play with dolls not babies and know that they don’t have to grow up too quickly and the only people who can really teach this are their carers.

This is just my opinion on it and like i said earlier , LOTS of people have different views on it, all i know is, whenever my baby comes along, she’ll be wearing Clarkes’ until she can shoe shop herself…












How do you feel about Heelarious? Just a harmless joke or a fashion disaster? Share your views below xox

Links: Heelarious , Opinion Source 

Image Source: New York Post


3 Responses to "Baby, those heels don’t look good on you…."

its wrong babys in heels it doesnt even look nice!!!! pathetic n jus horrible!!!

thanks, your article is very informative. : )

puting babys in heels!!!

that is the most rediculus idear i have ever heard i mean what kindof parent in the right minde would put thair kid in heels ?

not me for sure alltho i am only 15.

I have only started waring heels properly in the pass year or so , some of my freinds still are not allowed to ware them.

If you are 0-6 months you are not even walking yet and in actual fact it is not good for a baby at that age to be waring eany sort of shoe.

over all i think it is a dam disgrace that people are puting their babys in high heels :@ . The world will be full of slapers at ages of 4 if it doesnt stop :L

p.s would you let your 4 year old ware high heels to nursery?

I dont think so 😐

thanks x

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