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Thursday 29th October 2009


Morning everyone! I’ve woken up and logged in to Twitter to find something very interesting  pop up. There is a new, more organised Twitter in town, and i like it veeeerrrrry much.

 They’ve decided to now give you the option  to create ‘lists’ for your Twitter to enable you to organise your followers or people your following ie; School friends, work colleagues etc and when you click your list, it only shows you the tweets from the people in that list..handy!

 I’ll show you a easy tutorial to help you make sense of the new Twitter lists!



new lists
Where lists are kept

After clicking lists, you get to add a list name & click ‘Create’

Then type in the name of the person you want to add to your list!

put them in a lists
Then, choose the list you would like them to go into by clicking the button!

Then when you click your newly created link in the side bar, it only shows those people added to it in your news feed..clever!

What’s also VERY cool is that other people can follow the list you’ve just made!

You may have notice that it even tells you how many times you’ve been listed in other groups!

What ever you save your list as is saved as a permanent link too so it directs you straight there! Eg: Mines –


 Right, i hope that gives you some insight in to the new Twitter Lists and gives you an idea as to how they workies. If you’ve got any questions leave them below!


Sarahies x x x




Tuesday 12th May 2009

Hello gang, last night was a bit of a joke. It’s been a week since we recorded the podcast and i still haven’t put it online. It’s a pretty boring story but the software is basically not doing what it should be doing, and for some reason vista just doesn’t like anything Audacity or Podcast related so I was up pretty late being  a bit angry but then i used my brain and got things moving and finally managed to format it to MP3. It’s now been sent to my friend Sam who is gonna do something special with it so hopefully it will get online any day now! Wahoo! Thanks for being so patient guys, had a lot of subscribers too so keep them coming! (Simply click the headphones on the right to head to the podcast, and subscribe either via itunes or email!)

My weekend was pretty hectic. I thought i had Toncilitus or something so felt pretty disgusting but on Saturday our friends Cafe Racer had a gig so we went a long to that and ended up getting pretty drunk in the middle of the afternoon at a very grungy dark pub (when it was gorgeous and pretty outside!) and it only took 4 pints of Strongbow before i was scoffing chinese buffet at 4pm and the rest is a disgusting blur. All i know is i got home at 6pm Sunday feeling very stinky indeed. Ugh.

Feeling better this week and have managed to sell lots of shoes that were clogging up my bedroom floor on eBay. (How good am i!?) It only happened because i bought some shoes from that were amazing on the basis i sold some to make up the money but they didn’t fit anyway so now i’m having to sell the lot. Bonus!

I’ve done a cute little 6 minute video from the Marathon weekend if you fancy a bit of a watch. It’s a bit cheesy and silly but you might enjoy that kind of thing so i’ll upload that at some point!

Pointless mini blog really, just touching base! What have you guys been up too? Tell me a story xox



Friday 10th April 2009

Hello Bloggers!

I don’t know about you guys but the weather near me is shockingly bad so I’ve ended up sleeping for 1 out of 4 of my days off work. Boo. Also, for some reason, my throat feels like it’s the size of two walnuts so I’m trying to dose up on medicine so i can leave the house this evening and get a bit giddy but considering I’m still sat in my pants at 6pm – this seems unlikely…

I’ve been checking out some cool websites lately that are becoming quite addictive so i thought I’d tell you guys about them so you can check them out for yourselves!

    My Omgpop!

    My Omgpop!

    Omgpop! is a fun website full of all kinds of games for you to play against other people around the world. As you get better you receive different medals and points to become a higher rank! There’s a scrabble type one which i really enjoyed, and a sketch one where you draw something and your opponents have to guess what it is and so on. It’s a really fun idea if your bored!



    My Likaholix!

    My Likaholix!

Likaholix is a website based on ‘liking’ things. You basically type in what you ‘Like’ and it comes up with images and an option to write a review about it and then others can like it too! If somethings not listed, you can list it yourself so when anyone else searches for the same product it will then come up! It’s really cool because if you like something enough, you become what’s called a ‘Tastemaster’ in the subject. As you can see, on mine I’m a tastemaster in Fashion because i liked a certain amount of fashion things! Wahoo.

And, for all you Twitter users, there’s a site called Tweet Stats and it’s really interesting to do. All you need to do is type in your Twitter user name, and then you get a whole load of your stats since you’ve been using Twitter! It gives you the low-down of anything you’d need to know about a tweet. It gives you information about how often you tweet, what time of day your usually tweeting, how your tweeting and how often you’ve ‘@replied’ to somebody.

    My Tweet Stats!

    My Tweet Stats!

Also, there’s a ‘Tag Cloud’ option which shows you the most used words you’ve tweeted with. AND if that’s not enough, you can even change all the colours to make it look pretty…I’m finding it all very interesting interesting indeed!

My Tag Cloud!
My Tag Cloud!

So, a couple of sites you may not have known about! If you check them out, be sure to leave comments to let me know what you think! Or add me on the sites so we can play each other, or maybe i could tweet about something else than the above! Have you seen any sites you’d like to share? Leave your comments below too!

All this hunting has made me hungry…have a Good Friday! (See what i did there..hmph..)

Big Kisses!

Sarah xo

OH, p.s:  Whilst your online, please please PLEASE vote for my friends band below for the Road to V Festival. They got lots of votes last year but didn’t get through but they definately deserve it. They’re great lads and the music is brilliant! Check them out at this link Cafe Racer – Myspace. And to vote, click the widget below and you can even get yourselves a free download!

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Wednesday 25th March 2009

I wish i had been this creative...

I wish i had been this creative...

Ahh, I’ve had a really bad week so far. Monday i had yet another ridiculous experience in the rain. (SORRY, i know this isn’t intended to be a weather blogbut it seems i have a pretty bad time with the weather at the moment..) and i couldn’t take the awful umbrella out because of last times disaster so i ended up buying a copy of the Sun to use like in the old American films when business men in trench coats run across roads to jump into cabs in New York and look gorgeous and romantic. I, however, did not. The wind was against me and the paper just did NOT want to stay still. It was a wet, windy, papery disaster. I even got mocked at by a couple of kids.

Note to self: gold moccasins don’t like the rain..


When Women Rule The World.

When Women Rule The World.


Moving on, I saw a programme the other night called ‘When Women Rule The World’ and it was seriously the biggest pile of rubbish EVER. I’m not a feminist, but i’m not against women’s rights either. I just honestly believe women and men should be equal and they’ve already shown this, physically and mentally. The programme just throws it all down the drain. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about these 8 or 9 women who run a tribe together and they’re the leaders. There are 10 guys who have to do ANYTHING the women say and if they don’t they get punished. The winner does get £30,000 for good behaviourbut even that doesn’t seem worth the money to get treated like rubbish!  The one episode i watched was this poor guy who was a bit of an alpha male and in no way enjoyed being told off by women but (he was funny because he made a comment about one of the women looking like an angry Diana Ross – she really did!) anyway the women had these really stinky attitudes and just kept eviling the men and demanding they clean up (even when they did, they shouted more?) it was just stupid. It maybe could’ve been a good experiment if the woman didn’t treat the men so awfully on the first day!

 I do think a lot of men still believe in the whole ‘women clean, men work’ scenario but lots of men DO stay at home whilst the woman works so it’s much different then it used to be. Obviously everyone differs with there own views but  i have to admit, when i was single i felt so much more of an ‘Independent Woman’, ‘Sisters are Doing it for Themselves’, ‘I’m Every Woman’ kinda gal but sometimes, i really enjoy feeling looked after, wined and dined and protected by a male but women should definitely do it back from time to time…

 Fun Sites:

My Dailybooth

My Dailybooth

As you’ve all probably noticed, on the side bar there is my Twitter and Dailybooth accounts i keep updating. Follow me on both if you have them! If you don’t know what Dailybooth is, it’s a fun little site where you upload pictures of yourself daily like on a webcam, or macbook etc to show how you change day-to-day. I’m finding it really fun so check it out!

Sorry I’ve neglected the blog lately. I’ve found it really hard to be creative in a place that makes me kind of miserable 8 hours a day but i promise I’ll keep on the ball now. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with video blogging though. It definitely is happening but i wanted to get a web cam up & running first to do personal mini videos to make it more visual until i got a proper video camera but I’ve tried 4 now and had no luck. Went out and got a cheaper 5th one today thats had good reviews so fingers & toes crossed!

Okay, couple of updates. ‘Becky’s tried and tested’ section has got TWO new installments for you to check out and I’ve put up a little humorous bit under ‘Beauty & Style Tips’ about a disaster i had with my eyebrows. Becky’s are relevant to it so check them out. Tomorrow I’mhoping to get up another bit for ‘Lust List’ and hopefully crack on with some videos so it’s very exciting. The subscriptions button was also a little bit broken but I’ve managed to fix it now so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!  

So, sorry this has been so long winded, but i had lots to update you on! If you’ve got any comments, pictures or even video responses  for anything relevant on the blog, or just to say HELLO! then definitely do it because i love hearing what you have to say and what your up too etc!

Big love,

Sarah xox




Image Sources: Newspaper Guy, When Women Rule The World

Friday 13th February 2009




When i was little, my dad stumbled home in the early hours and bought my mum some daffodils stolen from someone else’s garden as a gift. This always seemed so sweet, romantic and a little rebelious to me. Every time i see one, they remind me of being a child again. (Which i love because it was always lots and lots of fun!) I always consider Mother’s day to be really big occasion, but for mine, she’s SO hard to buy for. Not because she’s ungrateful or anything, but because she can’t have the usual generic presents like chocolate & alcohol and only likes one type of perfume that the whole family end up buying at Christmas so she ends up with a serious backlog! So, i’ve been doing some internet browsing and found some treats you all might like for gift ideas for your mummys and you can even tell your pops too!  Happy Mothers Day! xo 

Warm her up. 

Basile Floral Chiffon Silk Scarf £41.89

Basile Floral Chiffon Silk Scarf £41.89

   I love love love silk scarves. I have tons and the collection keeps building every time i go to a charity shop or vintage shop because they are so cheap and each one is always different . Some even have weird/wonderful patterns on such as a random dog or something. I found an Italian company which does have a UK site and it’s called Forzieri and has all sorts of scarfs, beautiful leather gloves, shoes, bags etc for him and her. I found a lovely silk scarf  for £41.89 which is longer than the average scarf, but you can choose from some gorgeous colours. They are specially made in Italy, pure silk and delivered in 24 hours! Perfect gift! The gloves are from the same site and come in a range of amazing colours too. They are real leather but unlined so unsure how warm they’d be but they do have a bigger selection on the site with lining but they cost a  bit more money. The ones i looked at are perfect for spring. Below is  just one of the colours but there are more available on the site such as hot pink, mustard yellow, lilac, turqoise, white & black.

Mint Unlined Leather Gloves £56.09

Mint Unlined Leather Gloves £56.09


 Pamper her.





There are TONS of ways to get pampered, but i came across a brilliant deal on which seemed like a bargain. For £12.50 you can treat your mum (or yourself..or both!) to two mini pampering treats such as a pedicure, a manicure, waxing, tanning, a massage or a facial. I’ve had a look at the details and you’ll receive a voucher valid for 9 months but you should book the appointment before then to ensure the salon is free. Each treatment will last around 20 minutes each and there are 50 participating salons nationwide. Bargain! (although it doesn’t say where/which salons on the site but if your open to adventure then this sounds like a good laugh!) Check out the link above for full T&C’s before purchasing anything! Another site with lots of pampering on was Buy a and it had some great bargains for spa treatments and even a photo shoot for mother and daughter. Click the link above to see more! 


Give her a Gadget!  

 If your mum is gadget savvy, then I want one of is the perfect place to go. They have all sorts of quirky gadgets on there such as iPod alarm clocks, Emergency phone chargers, Diamante Mice for computers and so on. The prices start really cheaply as well so there definitely worth keeping on your list for birthdays and especially Fathers Day!


 Give her some Charm.

Charm Bracelet Example

Charm Bracelet Example


 All ladies  love expensive jewellery (personally i prefer cheap and tacky..) but mum’ s love it. I think charm bracelets are a lovely gift because each occasion they can keep being added too and personalised.  Links of London have a charm maker website and prices start from £70. They’ve got tons of different charms you can choose from and they cost around £45 per charm.

For something a little bit cheaper, i found the base bracelet from The Charm Store, Amazon which is cheaper costing only £61.60 reduced from £154 and the charms are around £5 upwards. So it’s definitely worth shopping around for.




Personalise her Card.

There is only one site which i will recommend for this, and it’s (YES, i know the advert is annoying  BUT if you can see past the pig in a space helmet and annoying jingle, you will come across something quite wonderful). They are a brilliant site for personalising cards. You can add photos, any writing you want to other cards and it for a standard sized card will only set you back £2.99! It really makes a card special. You can even add flowers as an extra gift. For Valentines day, me and my boyfriend both sent each other cards from it and i chose the ‘Oi!’ background (A rip of Hello! mag) and added loads of sweet photos with somehumourous text it was such a lovely change from standard cards!


 So, I hope that helped you guys figure out some gift ideas. Comments below on any gift’s you’ve already bought or anything else you’d like to comment about!

Don’t forget to subscribe too!

Sarah xo




Image Source: Daffodil , Charm Bracelet , Forzieri, Pampering,

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