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Friday 21st August 2009




I Love You! ♥ x
I Love You! ♥ x


Me & Roy have officially been in a relationship for one year! Some of you already know this because i’ve been Twittering all day but i thought i would do a lovely little blog post and show you guys some pictures! For our anniversary he’s booked us in to see Grease in London tomorrow and were also staying in a posh Hyde Park hotel! Exciting! I’m taking him for Sushi tonight in our local town because it’s where we had our first date – nawww!

I know a year doesn’t sound like a long time in the scheme of things but it’s important to me because it’s the longest relationship i’ve ever had. Not for any particular reason but because it never felt right before. When me and Roy first met it was one of those friendships that just hit off instantly and we remained just friends for what seemed like ages but actually was only about 5 months. I wasn’t looking for anything other than a friend if i’m honest. I was in a totally strange place and just really hated the thought of another boy hurting me or ruining another friendship by making things complicated but i really enjoyed his company. He is literally hilarious and i found his humour so endearing. I’d heard he was sort of interested but i think i chose to ignore it because i didn’t want it to ruin anything but in the end, this sounds totally cheesey but it just fell into place, you know?

One of the first nights we met!

One of the first nights we met!

So now here we are a year on and i wouldn’t change any of it. He makes me laugh literally every single day. I tried to pick out a couple of serious photos but i can honestly say there isnt any! Either were both being silly or he’s doing a comedy face! Everytime we go on a night out you wont find me or my friends stood around looking bored. We all love to have a good dance and be silly and me and Roy always manage to make up some cheesey dance routine on the spot and generally being rediculous!


Kissssses! ♥ x x
Kissssses! ♥ x x

He’s probably going to kill me for that one. He wasn’t sick on me afterwards i swear! Haha.


One of the proudest moments of my whole life was when he ran the London Marathon in April. I’ve said before in a previous post and video about the event but he did amazingly. The morning of the marathon when he got on the train to go to the start, me and Harriet waved him off and we were both just totally proud of him. I loved that he was doing it for a charity he belived in and that eventhough he was so knackered, he did it in 4.5 hours and still looked amazing afterwards!

After the Marathon!
After the Marathon!



Me, Roy & Harriet in France!
Me, Roy & Harriet in France!



I love his kindness, his charm, he gives me tingles in my belly everytime we kiss and most of all i love that he makes me feel so special every day!

I love loving you Roy x x x x


Friday 24th April 2009

"To Sarah, some of my art, you are one of those rare and special things, a true beliver in love"

"To Sarah, some of my art, you are one of those rare and special things, a true believer in love"

This picture was a gift from a gorgeous girl who goes by the name of Jewels and who i speak to lots on Twitter. (And not forgetting Edie!) We all have this really sweet thing where we just send each other long essays about love and fashion and i genuinely look forward to their tweets. Jewels, like me, is a hopeless romantic. But eventhough i have believed in love in other people, i never ever thought it was something for me. I love getting lost in a romantic films and always adored the idea of a consuming romance but i just never thought i would want to be the one who was consumed by something like that. It was one of those things that always seemed so good from a distant, but scared me to death when it became a reality..

For me, being single represented everything i was proud of. It made me feel independent, mature, in control and probably quite free in an odd way and I definately enjoyed it. At the time – with two previous relationships under my belt – i was living in a flat with a friend and having such a brilliant time just learning how to be independent and going out and doing what single girls do. A relationship was never even a consideration & eventhough i did enjoy single life, it isn’t anything compared to what a relationship brings. Love is definately for me..

But that brings me to the next point, “The Ex Files” and can we ever really be friends with our exes? And more importantly, their partners too? I have two exes, one i talk too a little and one i dont. Not really because either of us decided it would be that way, but just because it was a quite messy ending and thats just how it goes..

I like the idea of being friends with exes, after all, you have been in an intimate relationship with them and you were pretty much BFF’s at one point but it hasn’t really ever happened like that for me. Not because i want them back or because we were so in love it’s unbearable to see them with another etc but just because we were young and in the nicest way this could sound, we’ve changed. I’m definately not the same person i was a few years ago and it’s better that way. I have a lot of friends, but a lot of them are on the same terms as the exes, i.e polite hellos, goodbyes, how are you etc, but just because there exes should it be different? I just don’t feel like i need them, i have friends, and then i have my great friends who i’d do anything for and vice versa, and if you know they don’t feel the same about you and it’s a mutual parting, why should you be friends?

What do you guys think? Friends with exes, good or bad?

Lots of people have varied oppinions on this so it would be good to get your feedback. This is going to be a Podcast issue on week 2 so let’s have your comments to read on air!

Update for the podcast, we have a plan now! Were hoping to start recording on Monday 4th May so keep checking in for that. Were really excited and hope you are too! The link is in the side bar so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything! Also, i have updated a page in the Lust List section on a few peices i saw over the weekend whilst browsing the web! So make sure you check that out!

My boyfriend is running the London Marathon on Sunday so were off to London for the weekend. I swear i’m more nervous than him! If you have some spare change lingering around, PLEASE sponsor him! He’s running it for a local charity called Myton Hospice and it’s going to a really good cause so help anyway you can!!

And, thats it from me, i’m being badgered to leave, leave your comments and views, i love reading them!

Sarah xoxo

HELLO fellow bloggers! 🙂

I’m new to this so bear with me but the point of my blog is to attract people who want to talk about fashion, romance, hair/make-up, food, nights out and everything else in between!  My main aim is to build a little place where we can talk about all the things that make you giddy in life, giving real advice and beauty tips from real people, lusting over things that we see in stores or online and then sharing that with each other! (including  fab nights out /birthdays/day trips/gigs your going too/music your into/boys, whatever! i want to hear from you!

So, come on girls, grab a cuppa and tell me your stories…xoxo

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