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Emily’s ‘Nevo’ Nail Product Review.

 Wednesday 17th June 2009 

NevO Kit.

NevO Kit.

Product: NevO Nail Care Kit.

 I walked into House of Fraser in Leamington Spa the other day, and boy did they see me coming! This guy said, ‘would you like to try this new product?’ and he proceeded to buff up my middle finger nail until it was super shiny.

Bearing in mind, I work in a bar, so I’m constantly getting my hands covered in beer and vodka and having to wash up dishes and all that jazz, so my nails are in a pretty poor condition.



Anyway, he showed me how to use this 3-way buffer:

1        The first side removes all the ridges in your nail, making it smoother, and removing yellow taints.

2        The second side ‘stimulates growth’.

3        The third side buffs up the nail and makes it really polished.

4        He then put some cuticle oil on, to soften the skin around my nail.

5        Finally he showed me a lovely lovely hand moisturiser.

But you wouldn’t believe how shiny my solitary nail was! A woman came up to me and exclaimed, ‘Oooh it’s great isn’t it!’ and displayed her sparkling thumbnail. I replied, ‘I know!’, sticking my middle finger up at her!

It looked just like I’d put clear nail varnish on! I was totally taken in, and when he proclaimed his ‘£25 for the first pack, £15 for the second’ I whipped out the trusty credit card.

 A week later, my middle finger is still looking dazzling. My other nails have lost their dazzle, so I guess I’m going to have to practise with the buffer. It’s difficult to tell whether the second side has stimulated growth or not, but my nails do seem to be in far better condition.

 This is a really great product if you like the ‘natural’ look. It’s probably not necessary if you wear nail varnish all the time. Also, if your nails split or break a lot, then this might be for you, because the first side of the buffer removes the ridges, which is where your nails usually split. Also, it could be really useful for you if you smoke, because the buffer’s also supposed to remove yellow stains.

 But this is not a great product if you’re saving the pennies. It cost me a hefty £25 for one pack, which was a promotional price. I think full price is around £30. The guy said the pack should last for 2 years, but I suppose that depends on how much moisturiser you use. But you only need to use the first side of the buffer every month, the second side every 2 weeks, and the third, whenever you want to top up your shine. And my nails really do look much healthier.

 The pack comes in 3 different ‘flavours’; Passion fruit, French vanilla, Ocean, Almond, and Pure. Ocean smells lovely, really soft and subtle. It contains the 3-way buffer, cuticle oil, moisturiser, and nail file. I met several other people in the store that day raving about their hand scrub and stuff, so you can check out the full range of products at

Below are some images of before and after. In the top two, my nails look quite yellow and discoloured from abusing them with nail varnish and beer but the bottom two have a definate shine and look much better!























  I’d give this product a 4/5. My nails do look lovely, but I was hoping that the cuticle oil would solve the problem of dry skin around the nail, and it hasn’t. Perhaps if you use it daily it might, but then it certainly wouldn’t last for 2 years! Moreover, the price is a massive drawback. But then, how much could you spend on manicures in the space of 2 years? That’s what I keep telling myself…


4 Responses to "Emily’s ‘Nevo’ Nail Product Review."

I purchased the Ocean set today at Brent Cross as I was really impressed at just how shiny it left my nails. I was there a few days ago when the man at the promotional stand buffed one of my nails for me. I managed to resist temptation as the price he stated was £29.99. He then dropped it to £19.99 when i didn’t rush to get my purse out but i still delined as i was very sceptical that the shine would last…….. but 5 days later my one solitary shiny nail was still gleaming so I gave into temptation and went back and bought one am i’m really pleased i did !!

I did the same once the smooth sales person did his magic on my nails, they are beautiful. I paid the £20 once he dropped the price. Only downside is I could have got the kit on ebay for £9. Oh well, live and learn!

I found my Nevo nail buffer today and can’t wait to use it again but I seem to have lost the instructions. Could you tell me which ‘sides’ you referred to above? I’m guessing the black side is No.1 but I’m not sure which numbers the yellow and white sides are. Thanks x

I also bought this product after a very persuasive, persistent sales pitch in House of Fraser in Richmond. I should have listened to my initial doubts about why you could only use 1 side of the buffer once a month. I followed exact instructions and didn’t use it again after the inital time. However, 1 month later my once perfectly strong nails which never chipped, broke or flake have all broken.
I would really advise people to think twice about purchasing this product.

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