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Don’t Believe Every Review You Hear!!!

Wednesday 25th March

I could honestly say that at least 90% of people reading this right now have had certain hair or beauty dilemmas, from the smallest blackhead on their nose to turning their hair orange (believe me, I’ve been there!! Oops…). But one thing for sure, is that you should never believe every single review you may hear about products that are out there to help you!

If you decide to go down the road of believing that, for example, “9/10 women feel the difference in their skin from a certain skin product”, TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! Not all products work for everyone as everybody has a specific skin type. There are so many different skin types out there, and no one can stand next to any person in the world and say their skin is exactly the same.

So many girls don’t realise it, but using the wrong product suited to their skin could actually cause a reverse effect, or sometimes damage. I suffer from fairly dry skin on certain areas of my body, my face in particular. I have unusual dry patches on random parts of my face that have deteriorated over time from using just one product – Dove Moisturiser. For me, this was a miracle worker and really did help improve the condition of my skin. But before I even realised that this was the one that worked for me, I had been in to visit a beautician in the local Boots store and explained what was wrong. She recommended a cleanser, toner and moisturiser from their “No.7” range for me to try that she thought I would find beneficial. After a trial of a few days, my skin felt very taught and very dry, the complete opposite to the result I was after!! This was because the alcohol in the toner had caused my dry patches to become worse and even make the skin surrounding them dryer. Now why would a beautician recommend an alcoholic product to someone with DRY skin, when they clearly need to moisturise?!

I’ve learned that trial and error is one of the best roads to go down, rather than just taking advice from the horse’s mouth who has only known you for five minutes. You on the other hand, have lived with your skin for your whole life. It is good to take some advice on board, but it doesn’t neccessarily mean that it will be ideal. Follow your own instincts from time to time, you may be suprised! 🙂


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