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Eyebrow Nightmare.

 Tuesday 24th March 2009

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

 Eyebrows are something i don’t think i will EVER manage to get right. When i was younger, i had mini caterpillars on my face so when i eventually got my first pair of tweezers i plucked them so much that all i had were these silly looking boomerangs on my forehead! 

Finally, as I’ve got older, I’ve managed to tame the beasts in a more responsible fashion but now for some reason the colour is lighter than any hair I’ve ever had. I can’t seem to get it right. There either wild and big, or thin and ridiculous. So this morning i decided to do something about it. I thought it would be a great idea to make them darker and sultry circa Audrey Hepburn so i plastered on mascara, along with lots of hairspray and THEN decided to go about my usual make-up routine and put my foundation on…. WHAT. A. MESS. I literally looked like a wilder-beast who graces bushes in tacky horror films hiding out for unsuspecting victims. It was everywhere! I felt like such a dweeb! After taking it all off and starting again, it actually worked quite nicely in little bits, you definitely wouldn’t need a lot. I’m just praying it doesn’t rain today…

Anyone else got unruly beasts or over plucked boomerangs? Got any real tips for gals like me who are useless? Ever tried used proper brow dying kits before? Have they ever worked? Hit me up with comments, pictures and video responses I want to hear your stories! xxx


4 Responses to "Eyebrow Nightmare."


My hair’s natuarally pretty dark, but I regularly throw some v.dark brown dye on top just to make sure its not doing crazy things. ( i think the sun & my hair straighteners, are plotting to make me ginger, but i’m onto them)

Once my hair’s finished, I always noticed how my eyebrows are almost a lighter tone and it bothered me so I dyed them using a little of my hair dye. I put a tiny amount on a Q-tip, and really lightly brushed it over my eyebrows. I made sure not to put it on so harshly that i’d touch the skin beneath the hair though. I was very aware it could go horribly wrong and bit Oscar, from Sesame Street-esk!! ( eek.

Then, I left it to develop for about 3-5 mins, washed it off, and all was good!! Just a really subtle change that noone would notice but myself, I guess! Its so easy to wash it off, dry your brows and check what the colour is looking like, then adding a little more and playing about with the colour.

Saying all that, I would definately recommend to anyone who chances reading this to go for a proper kit of somekind though but I can’t imagine dying eyebrows is necessary for most peeps. I just freak out about things a bit too much, especially this time of year when the sun’s much brighter – I feel like all my imperfections are so much more obvious..haha!

Just buy an eyebrow pencil. Dyeing your eyebrows with hair dye (like the above poster) could make you go blind. I suppose eyebrow dye doesn’t carry this risk, but pencil makes brows more defined and it takes 10mins the first time, after that 3 for both brows.

you can get them all colours, from light blonde, dark blonde (which suits me even though I have very dark red/brown hair), light brown, dark brown (for black hair) and black. Don’t use black even if that’s your hair colour…it always looks false.

Use it lightly to fill in bare patches in your brows and enhance the arch.

I’d look to Angelina Jolie for brow inspiration, not Audrey Hepburn – Angie’s are sexy and arched, Audrey’s are getting on for wildebeast.

For me, the Sedu Tourmaline Revolution styling iron performed like a professional grade iron, so I’m perfectly pleased with it ,;”

some hair straighteners that use chemicals are very harsh to the hair, that is why you should be careful with those ~’~

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