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Dirty Hair Tips.

Over Use of Products:

If your one for lotions and potions for your hair and can’t seem to wash it out properly, a little tip i was taught was to use shampoo before you do ANYTHING! Before applying water, rub on some shampoo like you would normally do and this is called ‘Emulsifying’ and this helps separate the product from your hair. Then apply water and shampoo/condition in the usual way! Easy peasy!

Greasy Hair Days:

Greasy hair can actually be quite a refreshing change in a weird sort of way. Don’t get me wrong, I personally can’t go longer than 3/4 days without washing, but sometimes if you literally can’t be bothered then it’s quite a treat!  Forget using talcum power, it’s all about Dry Shampoo. The one i use is cheap as chips, (think around £2) called Batiste and comes in Tropical, Original & Blush it works like a dream. It’s like a white powder in a can that you spray all over  – if your brunette, be EXTRA cautious – then you brush, brush and brush until it feels soft and isn’t white anymore  and it will soak up all the oils on the roots make your hair smell dreamy.  PERFECT for festivals.

A little tip, if you’ve got a heavy fringe like me, i find it works better if i split the fringe into sections longways, and spray in little bits at the roots, rather than spraying loads on in one spot!

Batiste Tropical

Batiste Tropical

I recently ran out of the stuff and tried using talcum power and it was such a hugemistake. I’m a brunette so i used quite a small amount but at work that day the top of my head was shaking white stuff off every time i moved and i had awful flyaways. Even when i brushed it, it seemed to go whiter. In the end i had to wet my hair brush and brush it lots to make it tone down but it still looked pretty ridiculous. DON’T TRY IT!

 Not washing it everyday is supposed to be brilliant for the hair because the natural oils (sebum) will help the hair roots retain it’s healthiness and help keep hair strong. (Although not washing for toolong will make it overly greasy & SMELL BAD and not even dry shampoo will be able to fix it!) Lots of people believe that if you manage to get past the first 2 weeks of not washing, your hair will actually start to clean itself! I’ve tried this experiment but honestly, it itched so much i gave in to washing. And I’m a person who, when she can be bothered, enjoys having silky hair but it’s nice to know that there are products you can use on off-days!

How often do you wash yours? Got any tips and tales to share? Comments below and a poll to see how many grubby blogsters there really are! xxx


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1 Response to "Dirty Hair Tips."

I find that even hair spray can make your hair seem less greasy! I use Batiste (usually when it gets to the 3rd or 4th day after washing…) and YES it does work a dream! But if you run out, you can try spraying on hair spray and brushing it out in the same way.

This is a great product for those of you have have fringes, because these can get greasy extra quickly, even if you wash your hair every day.

GREAT TIP: If you are volume obsessed (like me) and you like to back brush your hair, it helps to spray a little dry shampoo or hair spray on before you start- this increases the friction of your hair, making it thicker and easier to style!

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