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Who the hell is…Emily?


Hi girls and boys! For those of you who listen to the podcast and want to know more about who I am, I’m joining the fad and using this 25 random facts Facebook thing to tell you a bit more about myself.








1      My name is Emily Jane Patterson. But some of my ooooold friend call me egg- no, it’s not got anything to do with how I smell, it’s because we all decided to name ourselves breakfast items one day. Don’t ask why. I have no idea.

2      I love vintage dresses.

3      I always try to order new things when I go to restaurants. I figure there’s so many different things to try, so there’s no reason to eat the same meal twice if I can help it.

4      I ate house spiders when I was a toddler (according to my mum. I don’t remember it.)

5      I also ate mud when I was a kid. I remember that.

6      I’d much rather go and live in a different country/culture for a while than go backpacking around the world.

7      I’ve had 7 stitches and 7 teeth out. 7 is also my unlucky number.

8      8 is my lucky number.

9      I’m just finishing a psychology BSc, and I want to be a neuropsychologist some day…

10   I know it’s lame, but I cry at TV programmes, such as Life on Mars, Futurama, and Dr Who!

11   I think David Attenborough’s amazing. I wish he was my grandad.

12   I get really excited about barbeques! Especially evening barbeques. There’s something so special about sitting outside with close friends or family, feeling stupidly full and watching it go dark with a glass of Pimms!

13   Flat lager annoys me. Don’t put lager in an ale glass. It’s wrong.

14   I flew a little plane once. It was awesome.

15   I’ve never tried cannabis.

16   I really like cooking. I’m looking forward to living in a nice (ie non-student) house, and having dinner parties!

17   I can do pretty good animal impressions.

18   When I was little, I used to dress up as Mowgli out of the Jungle Book. I had the same hairstyle as well. I also have the same hairstyle at the moment, but I don’t think I could get away with running around wearing nothing but a pair of red pants nowadays.

19   I want to publish something. A journal article or a book, I love to think that someone would think that what I had to say was worth something!

20   I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects far too easily. I drew a picture of a dishevelled peacock the other day. It looked sad and it made me want to cry.

21   I get scared of zombie films. Sean of the Dead gave me nightmares.

22   I love dressing up! Not fancy dress. I mean doing my hair and make-up and wearing pretty dresses.

23   I hate waste. Put it in the fridge.

24   I’m writing this when I’m supposed to be revising for an exam. What a waster.

25   I believe in the power of hugs.


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