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Who the hell is..Becky?


Hello my sexies! I am a new addition to the site and I’m going to be writing up weekly blogs for all you stunners to read alongside Sexual Sarah. This random Facebook questionaire will give you some insight into my personality and interests etc. and if you don’t believe a word, just ask Sarah! 😉 Have fun reading!xoxox






1. I have been chistened with the name Rebecca Anne Hudson, but I am referred to as Becky by a vast majority of people I know.
2. I am 20 years old right now, my birthday being 8th May 1988.
3. I am jealous that Sarah was offered a place at the London College of Fashion (lol)…but I want to aim to be there one day.
4. I suffered from a very rare illness during the summer and the doctors still don’t know what it is, but it has changed my outlook on many things in life…
5. …because of this illness, I currently can’t work but used to work at the coolest bar EVER in my eyes.
6. I’m living on benefits right now and it sucks SO much I am probably one of a few people who says, “I can’t wait to get back to work!!” 🙂
7. I have the best boyfriend I could ask for and have had him for 2 years. I cannot vision living my life with someone else.
8. I am also a documentary geek, partcularly when it comes down to Space and Geology.
9. Despite the last 7 months being the most hellish of my life, they wouldn’t have made me the way I am now if I hadn’t been through them.
10. I do have a lisence for driving, but currently am not allowed to use it due to my illness 😦
11. I have an older brother, who has looked out for me since I can remember.
12. My boyfriend likes to refer to me as characters from South Park, such as Timmy and Gobbles…
13. I DO care what people think of me sometimes…
14. …but I don’t try to be something I’m not to please other people. If they don’t accept the way I am, that’s their problem. I have enough confidence in myself to be me and intend to stay that way!
15. I can get up to some extremely crazy things, I love to laugh and even laugh at myself. Laughter is the best medicine…proven during the time I was really ill last summer.
16. I have a really creative mind. I look at a lot of things in life from a creative point of view and see it as a way to express emotion and feeling.
17. I listen to music almost every minute of the day that I’m awake. My taste includes a vast variety of people. I can’t categorise myself as loving one genre in particular. I play the drums, guitar and violin.
18. My friends are gems in my life, including my Mum and Dad which I am not afraid to admit.
19. I am a photo buff. On any night out I am always the one taking the “action” shots of the hilarious times we all have (not that all of my friends appreciate that, as some turn out to be very ugly moments!!).
20. I can’t wait to be living my life out of the comfort of my own home one day, but I am so scared to leave my Mum and Dad because I love them too much.
21. I believe I have a unique image, from head to toe. I love my clothes – my shopping addiction is insaine! – and my hair seems to change at least once a month somehow!
22. I have a Starbucks fettish for vanilla lattes with whipped cream on top, sprinkled with cinnamon. Mmmm.
23. I love dancing. After 5 years of not undergoing professional dance classes, I decided to make a comeback and now I currently attend a weekly dance class as part of a new exercise regime with Sarah. Blood, sweat and tears baby…
24. I love being around different people, but I love being on my own too. It’s so relaxing to have time to myslelf.
25. So many people say they are afraid to die but have never actually been through it. I have…and it really IS scary, so don’t come to me about it unless you really DO know what it feels like 🙂


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