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Who the hell are you?

You may be asking yourself that very question so, to make this abit more fun, I’m going to post something i received on Facebook recently along with a new photograph of me so you can put a face to the words!

  1. My name is SARAH and i came up with Share Your Style so I do all the online bits etc!
  2. I am 21 and like getting my thrills from gambling, partying and love.
  3. I declined a place at the London College of Fashion because of money
  4. I am now stuck in a job i don’t really enjoy and still can’t manage to save any money..
  5. I have a great boyfriend but it took me a long time to find him..(and a lot of nonsence on the way..)
  6. I love fashion, creative hair and reading books & trashy magazines.
  7. I love it when my friend’s ask me for advice. It makes me feel useful and wanted.
  8. I love watching documentries about things i believe in.
  9. I have a colourful past which i don’t regret anymore because i think it makes us who were are..
  10. I have a passport and have been abroad..yay!
  11. I have the 2nd of 6 children and i hope to have a big family one day!
  12. I like having fun and never say no to new things.
  13. I am secretly aware i own too many pairs of shoes but i’m too stubborn to admit it in real life..
  14. I’m 5ft 10 and not ashamed of my size 7 (cough 8 ) feet. As i tell everyone who mocks me, if i was 5ft 10 with size 3 feet people would laugh more i’m pretty certain…
  15. I am putting down the pies and trying  my hardest  to diet to become a hot babe for the summer..
  16. So in relation to the above, i’ve recently taken up boxercise & dance. Never have i sweated and ran so much.
  17. I’m secretly considering running the Run for Life 5K in June..
  18. I have great friends and even greater best friends. We have seen some hilarious times and i hope there’s more to come!
  19. I’ve been keeping a diary of fun antics for the past 2 years and secretly hope it will get published one day.
  20. I’m not embarresed by the fact i want 2.4children, a nice house and a dog when i get old. Money isn’t everything to me but i want a comfortable future for my bambino’s (eventually…)
  21. I like to do things that scare me because it makes me feel human.
  22. I love this little cafe in a town near me, it’s Italian and serves the cutest pots of tea and little pastries rolled up with vanilla cream inside. It’s such a lovely place to go and catch up with my bestest for the girly gossip. mmm
  23. I think girlfriends are genuinley great. I love nothing more than having a brilliant catch up with mine. We manage to fit all the” important” things into one small phone conversation at a time, things boys wouldn’t dream of talking about. (I’m not sexist or a lesbian, I know from experience!)
  24. I’m a dreamer. I enjoy spending time alone to think.
  25. and finally, I believe a little bit that fate exists. I like counting magpies to determine my daily fate, and i like to read my horoscopes…

So, there you have it. 25 things about me. What are your 25 things? Share! xox


5 Responses to "Who the hell are you?"

I think your great xox

That has to be the best one i’ve read to date!!
Too cute!

I think i second all the above bar 1.
1.) my name is clare. hehe
(but i could never write it so nicely)


“if i was 5ft 10 with size 3 feet people would laugh more i’m pretty certain…”

Yes because surely you’d fall over all the time. xD

That would be the general jist!

So pleased I am not the only one to count magpies, I also salute one when it’s on its own and say ‘Morning Mr Magpie, where’s your missus’. I need a social media queen, let me know if you fancy it. Jo

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