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Thursday 29th October 2009


Morning everyone! I’ve woken up and logged in to Twitter to find something very interesting  pop up. There is a new, more organised Twitter in town, and i like it veeeerrrrry much.

 They’ve decided to now give you the option  to create ‘lists’ for your Twitter to enable you to organise your followers or people your following ie; School friends, work colleagues etc and when you click your list, it only shows you the tweets from the people in that list..handy!

 I’ll show you a easy tutorial to help you make sense of the new Twitter lists!



new lists
Where lists are kept

After clicking lists, you get to add a list name & click ‘Create’

Then type in the name of the person you want to add to your list!

put them in a lists
Then, choose the list you would like them to go into by clicking the button!

Then when you click your newly created link in the side bar, it only shows those people added to it in your news feed..clever!

What’s also VERY cool is that other people can follow the list you’ve just made!

You may have notice that it even tells you how many times you’ve been listed in other groups!

What ever you save your list as is saved as a permanent link too so it directs you straight there! Eg: Mines –


 Right, i hope that gives you some insight in to the new Twitter Lists and gives you an idea as to how they workies. If you’ve got any questions leave them below!


Sarahies x x x




Hey everyone!

So.. I am officially back! I know I didn’t take an official “break” and send out the generic “Seeya im off!” post but I did break up with my blog. We weren’t getting along like we used too. I had no words left to say and i was finding it a chore to keep up with so, after a lot of thought and 6 beautiful months, we took a break.
Of course like with all breakups it felt tough but after a month, a holiday & several shy logs on, we are officially back together & online..

It has been a weird few months. Everything is great but I’ve felt totally uninspired. It’s frustrating because one of the things I love doing is writing but when you have no words left it just feels really blank.

So, to kick start my first October post, I’ll do what a few bloggers have been doing at the moment which is the ‘In & Out’ post!


1) My sparkly new iPhone! (which I am blogging from right now..clever!) and I have spent a fortune in the apps store on silly games I don’t need but I am LOVING IT!!

2) Freederm gel. I think my pill was sending the skin on my face crazy & it came out in a rash so my mum (of all people!) had some freederm in her drawer & let me borrow it and it is a miracle worker I swear! My skin is like a baby’s bottom..lovely!

3) Lightened hair: I know the winter months are usually full of lovely dark nails and chocolate brunettes but I haven’t been very creative with my hair in AGES so I decided to get a dye and lighten it and it really worked! Loving having a new look!


1) Winter colds to come..note to self: flip flops don’t work in October, no matter how sunny..brrr!

2) Gym: I only signed up yesterday and I am already dreading the burn! Bottom is size of small county so it is nescessary! Why does good food act so naughty on your body?!

3) Broken camera!! In Greece my camera decided to break so we had to use disposeables! As my friends know and predicted I had a camera glued to my hands the whole time..even if it was 5 bright yellow Greek cameras!

And that’s it! I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been checking back and leaving comments, you guys rock! I promise if we ever take a break again I will leave with plenty of notice!

I bought a few No7 gifts for a blog competition a while ago and never got round to it but it will still be happening so look out for that soon!

Huge kisses!

Sarah x o x o


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