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Friday 21st August 2009




I Love You! ♥ x
I Love You! ♥ x


Me & Roy have officially been in a relationship for one year! Some of you already know this because i’ve been Twittering all day but i thought i would do a lovely little blog post and show you guys some pictures! For our anniversary he’s booked us in to see Grease in London tomorrow and were also staying in a posh Hyde Park hotel! Exciting! I’m taking him for Sushi tonight in our local town because it’s where we had our first date – nawww!

I know a year doesn’t sound like a long time in the scheme of things but it’s important to me because it’s the longest relationship i’ve ever had. Not for any particular reason but because it never felt right before. When me and Roy first met it was one of those friendships that just hit off instantly and we remained just friends for what seemed like ages but actually was only about 5 months. I wasn’t looking for anything other than a friend if i’m honest. I was in a totally strange place and just really hated the thought of another boy hurting me or ruining another friendship by making things complicated but i really enjoyed his company. He is literally hilarious and i found his humour so endearing. I’d heard he was sort of interested but i think i chose to ignore it because i didn’t want it to ruin anything but in the end, this sounds totally cheesey but it just fell into place, you know?

One of the first nights we met!

One of the first nights we met!

So now here we are a year on and i wouldn’t change any of it. He makes me laugh literally every single day. I tried to pick out a couple of serious photos but i can honestly say there isnt any! Either were both being silly or he’s doing a comedy face! Everytime we go on a night out you wont find me or my friends stood around looking bored. We all love to have a good dance and be silly and me and Roy always manage to make up some cheesey dance routine on the spot and generally being rediculous!


Kissssses! ♥ x x
Kissssses! ♥ x x

He’s probably going to kill me for that one. He wasn’t sick on me afterwards i swear! Haha.


One of the proudest moments of my whole life was when he ran the London Marathon in April. I’ve said before in a previous post and video about the event but he did amazingly. The morning of the marathon when he got on the train to go to the start, me and Harriet waved him off and we were both just totally proud of him. I loved that he was doing it for a charity he belived in and that eventhough he was so knackered, he did it in 4.5 hours and still looked amazing afterwards!

After the Marathon!
After the Marathon!



Me, Roy & Harriet in France!
Me, Roy & Harriet in France!



I love his kindness, his charm, he gives me tingles in my belly everytime we kiss and most of all i love that he makes me feel so special every day!

I love loving you Roy x x x x

'Bold floral print platform sandal, Bonnie Smith for Kimel, 1970s.'

'Bold floral print platform sandal, Bonnie Smith for Kimel, 1970s.'

 Afternoon ladies!

What do you think of today’s shoe? They’re actually more of a candy colour in person but i had to adjust the contrast a little because the sun was shining through the window and left a really bad glare and made them look too pale. I love them because they’re a) floral and b) SO 70’s with the chunky heel but still ladylike with the bow and peep favourite so far!

Last month Dawn Porter sent me, @gemmies_, @clareies & @Hunny_piesies a tweet on Twitter to say she was writing an article about Twitter friendships in Company Magazine and would we like to be in it. Needless to say, we all said YES straight away! How it all began was because on one of Dawn’s podcasties, her and Eileenies were quite drunkies and started putting ‘ies’ at the end of everyting. So, when they finished the podcast, they put both their Twitter names as @hotpatooties @eileenies. I’d been following Dawn for a while and so had the other three girls so we all changed our names to ‘ies’ on the end and so the Twitter ‘gang’ was created. We all then started talking more to Dawn and each other  (mainly about food, food and more food) and in all honesty, it feels like a gorgeous Twitter family over there – I love it! Also, we’ve had more people come and join in the fun too so the love just keeps on spreading! (@chatooties, @clarelouisies, @iam_shereesies & @kesstries)

Anyway, the magazine is out today (It’s only £2, go and buy it because it’s great and you also get a free mascara!) so i took a couple of photos of the article cause i love it but the quality isn’t amazing – sorryies!




 I’m also going to do a video later too just to harp on about it even more. But then i promise i will shut up!

Anyway, i’ve got holiday bits to sort out!

Speak soon,

Sarahies x x x


P.s, I feel i should quickly mention a few other girls who i also love following:  @dressjunkie, @ellacinderella & @zozeebo. These girls are so cute and lots of fun! They’re beauty bloggers too and definately know their stuff. Click their Twitter names to see their blogs!


'Aluminum reproduction of 5th-century Egyptian sandal'.


As you all know i love shoes, so for Christmas last year my best friend Harriet thought it would be quite apt to give me a present for my new desk at work. The gift was a ‘Shoe A Day’ calender that basically shows you a different shoe everyday and sits very nicely on said desk. (Yummy!) The shoes aren’t just modern ones either, there are so many different styles and eras everyday – i love it! I don’t know why i haven’t talked about it sooner but from now on everytime i blog, i’m going to use the shoe page as the header so you can see how weird and wonderful the shoes are and how varied they can be.

Obviously, as you can see above, not all shoes are particularly attractive but todays is quite funny because it obviously doesn’t know British weather at all. This morning when i turned it over i was like “Ha, finally a sandal when it’s sunny!” Shortly after those small words spoken, it rained – typical!

Me & my friends are going on a road trip early hours on Sunday and i am SO excited. There are 8 of us driving down to the South of France for a week so should be lots of fun and full of getting tanned and drunkies! I will do lots of videos and take photos too!

I won’t be logging on to the web for the whole week as i don’t have an iphone. I can, however, send tweets on Twitter but i can’t receive them and i can only receive direct messages so if were regular twitterers and your wondering why i’m being so vacant – that’s why! I’m going to try my best to get lots of blog treats up and running on here for when i’m away so it doesn’t go stale!

Emily has done 1 out of 4 of her little series from the Laden Showrooms event. That’s up and running in the new section ‘Events & Collections’ and then underneath that header is the blog. Or Click here for a shortcut!

So, that’s all i’ve got for today but look out for more exclusive Laden Showrooms stuff soonies and more blogging bits and peices! Woohoo!


Sarahies x x x

Monday 3rd August 2009


Sorry i’ve been away for a while again. I always seem to say sorry and then say it wont happen again but this time the reason wasn’t because i haven’t had anything to say but because i’ve been sooo busy planning for my holiday next week i just haven’t had the time – BIG KISS. Thank you to everyone who still keeps checking in, you rock!

The last time i blogged, me and my girlfriends had planned a ladies night out and it was GREAT! Me, Kate & VC went to a couple of quiet places first and shared bottles of wine so we could gossip and then went somewhere a bit more lively to meet Harriet for a dance. We ended up in a club where vodka redbull was only £1 so the night soon ended with my head in a toilet not feeling too fresh..NICE. Below are a couple of photos from the night:



My Best Friends..x

My Best Friends..x



Kate's Outfit!

Kate's Outfit!


VC's Outfit!

Attempted Mirror Photo - Drunkies!

Attempted Mirror Photo - Drunkies!


Last week, apart from being hungover and searching for campsites, me & Emily went to a bloggers brunch in London for the Laden Showrooms and got a sneak peek at there A/W 2009 collection. We had such an amazing day and i’ll be posting a full blog about the ins and outs of that soonies! After the event i did a quick YouTube video of the day and just a quick hello really so you can view that by clicking the image below:




Right, i’ll keep on blogging and update you with the Laden Showrooms bits throughout this week so look out for that!

Big kisses,

Sarah  x x

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