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Podcast #1!

Posted on: May 12, 2009

Wednesday 13th May 2009

So, here it is! The first ever podcast Podcast # 1! I’m reeeally excited and nervous that it’s finally going on the web. I’ve been going on about doing it for about a month now so feels great to have recorded the first. It’s me, Becky and our two great girl friends Kate & Emily who wanted to get involved too. It’s very giggly but we were nervous!  We’ve had quite a few boys who have expressed an interest and subscribed ready to download so i’m hoping they’re not to disappointed at the lack of manly topics but it’s something were gonna work on to try and make it a bit more man friendly, but equally with some girl gossip because my intention in the beginning was a girly style blog
My good boy pal Sammy (@samjbmason if your on Twitter – follow him!) has spent hours mixing it and adding the cute little music for it so i hope you guys like it!  At times you can hear crunching but were working on improving it for coming weeks and it can only get better right!?
So for the next one we need your questions! Ask us anything. We want beauty tips and hints, style questions, questions if you need advice on anything, you can even ask us personal questions just whatever you want to talk about. Send them as comments on here, via emails (the address is in the contact us page) and on Twitter but make sure you put #syspod after your questions so i can find them really easy! for example:  What’s your favourite brand of chocolate? #syspod SIMPLE!

Right, so thats it! Listen away and let me know what you think!


Sarah xo


1 Response to "Podcast #1!"

oooh, I have a question!

Right, Under your lust list > ‘spring summer purses 09’ there’s this:
Its gorgeous and I want!

but realistically:
• they’re impossible to find,
(i have a friend with lots of dosh, that actually rings/chases people from different designer shops to ask if they’ve got these things available in their store, :O madness.)

• way more importantly, it costs a FORTUNE.
(If I was ever going to spend that much on a bag, I think i’d chose the classic black one instead, so i’d get loads of use out of it, i wouldnt have the pink at all :/)

So.. there’s this site that I’ve bought cheeky fake raybans from in the past to replace my stolen ones. (boo).
I wasn’t expecting much, but when they arrived I was so impressed with the quality of them, the gorgeous pouch and everything was exactly the same as my genuine one. I was so suprised..and really happy with it all!

This same website has a replica copy of THAT chanel bag. Its real leather, and this one’s lambskin like the original. (I know some replicas wouldnt even be leather) I pretty much trust the seller in quality department, haha umm, and besides the chanel branding ..mainly i love it for the shape, colour, size and EVERYTHING.. if I could find a v.v.similar version without the chanel branding on high street i would pay the same £s as this guys charging.

I’ve got quite a few designer bits and pieces like a real chanel coat, spensive jewellery from pressies and things, but im defo not snobby or anything about that stuff,
I think if you can afford it, treat yourself but to me all that spensive stuff is just a completely different WORLD!

I think I only buy things I fancy THE LOOK OF whether they’re high end or not.
On a night out someone will always say, “hey i like that, is it real?” and i can say “yes, ta”. But If I bought this bag, I would have to say “NO its FAKE!”?! hahaha!
Do I just go with it or not?
Dyou girls think its dumb/sad buying these replicas?
..I wouldn’t pass it off as chanel if someone asked me, but should I pay the same price for a high street quilted bag instead that i find slightly less TAAASTY? and I know it DOESN’T feel as spesh when you get something FAKE too 😦

but its CALLING ME.. and I just NEED A BAG MAYNNN!

Hope this makes SOME sense.. rushing! 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

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