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Posted on: May 12, 2009

Tuesday 12th May 2009

Hello gang, last night was a bit of a joke. It’s been a week since we recorded the podcast and i still haven’t put it online. It’s a pretty boring story but the software is basically not doing what it should be doing, and for some reason vista just doesn’t like anything Audacity or Podcast related so I was up pretty late being  a bit angry but then i used my brain and got things moving and finally managed to format it to MP3. It’s now been sent to my friend Sam who is gonna do something special with it so hopefully it will get online any day now! Wahoo! Thanks for being so patient guys, had a lot of subscribers too so keep them coming! (Simply click the headphones on the right to head to the podcast, and subscribe either via itunes or email!)

My weekend was pretty hectic. I thought i had Toncilitus or something so felt pretty disgusting but on Saturday our friends Cafe Racer had a gig so we went a long to that and ended up getting pretty drunk in the middle of the afternoon at a very grungy dark pub (when it was gorgeous and pretty outside!) and it only took 4 pints of Strongbow before i was scoffing chinese buffet at 4pm and the rest is a disgusting blur. All i know is i got home at 6pm Sunday feeling very stinky indeed. Ugh.

Feeling better this week and have managed to sell lots of shoes that were clogging up my bedroom floor on eBay. (How good am i!?) It only happened because i bought some shoes from that were amazing on the basis i sold some to make up the money but they didn’t fit anyway so now i’m having to sell the lot. Bonus!

I’ve done a cute little 6 minute video from the Marathon weekend if you fancy a bit of a watch. It’s a bit cheesy and silly but you might enjoy that kind of thing so i’ll upload that at some point!

Pointless mini blog really, just touching base! What have you guys been up too? Tell me a story xox




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