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Podcast #2!

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Wednesday 27th May 2009

Booyah! SO, here it is Podcast #2!We took your feedback and opinions on board and tried to butch it up a bit so hopefully you will like it! Each week it’ll keep  getting better and better as we improve our podcasting skills but hopefully you’ll all be more interested in the content anyway!

As you listen to it, you will see we sometimes link certain products back to the blog so i’ve created a whole new tab at the top of the blog which says ‘Weekly Podcast Links’ which will be the header for different pages each week that the podcast is updated. Clever!

Were recording podcast #3 tomorrow evening so any questions, tips, beauty advice, product reveiws or even just simple shout outs will be greatlyreceived so leave comments below, send me twitters or hit me up on facebook/email. We LOVE getting listener mail so GET IN TOUCH!

We are also looking into a competition this week so keep checking back…

x x x


Saturday 16th May 2009

Youtube Video!

Youtube Video!

Hello guys and girls! Just a quick blog to say i’ve done a silly little video from when we went to London for the marathon! It’s about 6 minutes long and just goes from the exhibition centre to the actual race where we and my girlies were dressed up in Hawiiaan gear and trotting around London to try and see Roy running! It’s quite fun so check it out by clicking the image!!

Haven’t really done much this weekend. Me and Roy just eating and dossing as usual. Getting back on the running starting from Monday for certain…

I’ll be updating the blog properly tomorrow so keep checking back! xo

Podcast #1!

Posted on: May 12, 2009

Wednesday 13th May 2009

So, here it is! The first ever podcast Podcast # 1! I’m reeeally excited and nervous that it’s finally going on the web. I’ve been going on about doing it for about a month now so feels great to have recorded the first. It’s me, Becky and our two great girl friends Kate & Emily who wanted to get involved too. It’s very giggly but we were nervous!  We’ve had quite a few boys who have expressed an interest and subscribed ready to download so i’m hoping they’re not to disappointed at the lack of manly topics but it’s something were gonna work on to try and make it a bit more man friendly, but equally with some girl gossip because my intention in the beginning was a girly style blog
My good boy pal Sammy (@samjbmason if your on Twitter – follow him!) has spent hours mixing it and adding the cute little music for it so i hope you guys like it!  At times you can hear crunching but were working on improving it for coming weeks and it can only get better right!?
So for the next one we need your questions! Ask us anything. We want beauty tips and hints, style questions, questions if you need advice on anything, you can even ask us personal questions just whatever you want to talk about. Send them as comments on here, via emails (the address is in the contact us page) and on Twitter but make sure you put #syspod after your questions so i can find them really easy! for example:  What’s your favourite brand of chocolate? #syspod SIMPLE!

Right, so thats it! Listen away and let me know what you think!


Sarah xo

Tuesday 12th May 2009

Hello gang, last night was a bit of a joke. It’s been a week since we recorded the podcast and i still haven’t put it online. It’s a pretty boring story but the software is basically not doing what it should be doing, and for some reason vista just doesn’t like anything Audacity or Podcast related so I was up pretty late being  a bit angry but then i used my brain and got things moving and finally managed to format it to MP3. It’s now been sent to my friend Sam who is gonna do something special with it so hopefully it will get online any day now! Wahoo! Thanks for being so patient guys, had a lot of subscribers too so keep them coming! (Simply click the headphones on the right to head to the podcast, and subscribe either via itunes or email!)

My weekend was pretty hectic. I thought i had Toncilitus or something so felt pretty disgusting but on Saturday our friends Cafe Racer had a gig so we went a long to that and ended up getting pretty drunk in the middle of the afternoon at a very grungy dark pub (when it was gorgeous and pretty outside!) and it only took 4 pints of Strongbow before i was scoffing chinese buffet at 4pm and the rest is a disgusting blur. All i know is i got home at 6pm Sunday feeling very stinky indeed. Ugh.

Feeling better this week and have managed to sell lots of shoes that were clogging up my bedroom floor on eBay. (How good am i!?) It only happened because i bought some shoes from that were amazing on the basis i sold some to make up the money but they didn’t fit anyway so now i’m having to sell the lot. Bonus!

I’ve done a cute little 6 minute video from the Marathon weekend if you fancy a bit of a watch. It’s a bit cheesy and silly but you might enjoy that kind of thing so i’ll upload that at some point!

Pointless mini blog really, just touching base! What have you guys been up too? Tell me a story xox



Tuesday 5th May 2009

Happy Birthday Becky!

So because Bexster is going to be on holiday when her actual birthday is, she organised a lovely celebration on Friday night by going for a curry and then heading on into town to get a little bit tipsy and sweaty by dancing the night away! Wahoo! Because my laptop is being a bit of a dweeb and not letting me upload some photos of the night i thought i’d upload one of Becky’s birthday surprise from last year instead!


Last weekend was pretty hectic.If you didn’t know already, it was the London Marathon on the 26th and my boyfriend Roy was running it so we stayed with my best friend Harriet for the weekend.The marathon was SO exciting. I’m so proud of Roy for doing it. My other best friend Lucy’s family had a brilliant hawaiian party at their house right where one group of the marathon runners ran past and it was SO brilliant! We were cheering 1000’s of runners on wearing rediculous coconut bras and grass skirts but having SUCH a fun time. (I recorded lots of little videos i’m gonna upload as soon as they’re edited!)


Me, Harriet & Lucy!


Roy afterwards!

 So, other than the above, my weekend wasn’t really up to much else. On Saturday i added some buttons at the top of the blog for Twitter, Subscribing & the Podcast so it looks a bit fancier now! (LOVE how cute the Twitter bird is!) If you haven’t yet subscribed, give it a little tickle!Were recording the podcast TONIGHT(SO excited!) I bought some Rose, Pringles & Popcorn for us all to feel a little bit more relaxed. I’m hoping as soon as we get over the fact it’s recording, we’ll let loose a little bit and it’l be lots of fun! You can subscribe to that too by clicking the little headphones button above!

If you have any questions, topics, beauty tips/reviews or anything else you’d like us to talk about, GET IN TOUCH by leaving comments below or sending an email in the ‘Contact Us’ section!


Sarah xo


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