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Strange Treats & Embarressing Pants.

Posted on: April 7, 2009

Tuesday 6th April 2009 

Love London

Love London

Hello fashionistas, I have just got back home from 4 days in London so I am feeling pretty knackered and partied out but i had such a hilarious time so it counteracts it! It really makes you realise how being with your girlfriends every now and then is SO important. You get a chance to talk about things that make you happy or sad and it’s really refreshing. I have lots of different girlfriends and each has different opinions, gossip, stories, style, humour – everything, and i love it when we get together and can just be silly!

I love travelling on the train alone on long journeys because i love getting lost in my own thoughts and I really like people watching. This time though i got slightly distracted by the treats combination of a city slicker next to me. I understand everyone gets hungry on long journeys but it was a boiling hot day and this chappy decided UHT skimmed milk and strawberries was his ideal snack and i couldn’t help but watch his tedious behaviour of  ‘bite strawberry, swig milk’ routine until a little girl in front of me decided i was definately more interesting to watch and stuck her head through the gap in the chair for the entire journey with no facial expressions whatsoever…

A  couple of days later, after doing a bit of shopping in Oxford Circus, i got lost coming out of Liverpool St Station  and ended up in the middle of a big posh work estate full of men in suits drinking coffee and looking at me like i was a tramp. So, feeling slightly aggravated and less than amused at being lost in London, i got told the right route and carried on until i had done nearly a whole circuit of Liverpool St Station and found my right bus stop. Then, a stranger comes up behind me and mumbles something but feeling abit flustered, I ignored it. He gets louder and eventually shouts “Excuse me lady, your skirt is tucked into your pants!” and when i looked down, to my horror he was right! My stupid, unattraactive love heart pants i wore over my tights to stop them falling down all day were completely on show with my lovely polka dot dress tucked inside. I was horrified. It must have happened when i got off the tube but that was literally 30 minutes ago! WHY HADN’T ANYONE ELSE TOLD ME!?!?!

Other than loosing a shoe, collapsing in the middle of a busy road, singing New York New York by Frank Sinatra on karaoke, table dancing thinking i looked like Paris Hilton (i didnt!) and showing a station full of people my pants-over-tights combo  it was a brilliant, pain free weekend!

So, back to Sharing Styles! I’m still waiting to see your videos or pictures of styles/products/advice etc. Had a few hints and tips which i thank you guys for but we need to get the sharing movement moving so GET RECORDING ladies!

I’ve got to unpack and wash but this week i’ll be updated lots to the blog and hopefully get some real videos up soon from you guys! Photos are also always welcome! The idea is to share any tips you have with others to let’s get doing it!

Big kisses,

Sarah xo


Image Source: I Love London Picture


1 Response to "Strange Treats & Embarressing Pants."

Aw-Haha! enjoyed reading that!!!

You’re great!! XX

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