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Friday 24th April 2009

"To Sarah, some of my art, you are one of those rare and special things, a true beliver in love"

"To Sarah, some of my art, you are one of those rare and special things, a true believer in love"

This picture was a gift from a gorgeous girl who goes by the name of Jewels and who i speak to lots on Twitter. (And not forgetting Edie!) We all have this really sweet thing where we just send each other long essays about love and fashion and i genuinely look forward to their tweets. Jewels, like me, is a hopeless romantic. But eventhough i have believed in love in other people, i never ever thought it was something for me. I love getting lost in a romantic films and always adored the idea of a consuming romance but i just never thought i would want to be the one who was consumed by something like that. It was one of those things that always seemed so good from a distant, but scared me to death when it became a reality..

For me, being single represented everything i was proud of. It made me feel independent, mature, in control and probably quite free in an odd way and I definately enjoyed it. At the time – with two previous relationships under my belt – i was living in a flat with a friend and having such a brilliant time just learning how to be independent and going out and doing what single girls do. A relationship was never even a consideration & eventhough i did enjoy single life, it isn’t anything compared to what a relationship brings. Love is definately for me..

But that brings me to the next point, “The Ex Files” and can we ever really be friends with our exes? And more importantly, their partners too? I have two exes, one i talk too a little and one i dont. Not really because either of us decided it would be that way, but just because it was a quite messy ending and thats just how it goes..

I like the idea of being friends with exes, after all, you have been in an intimate relationship with them and you were pretty much BFF’s at one point but it hasn’t really ever happened like that for me. Not because i want them back or because we were so in love it’s unbearable to see them with another etc but just because we were young and in the nicest way this could sound, we’ve changed. I’m definately not the same person i was a few years ago and it’s better that way. I have a lot of friends, but a lot of them are on the same terms as the exes, i.e polite hellos, goodbyes, how are you etc, but just because there exes should it be different? I just don’t feel like i need them, i have friends, and then i have my great friends who i’d do anything for and vice versa, and if you know they don’t feel the same about you and it’s a mutual parting, why should you be friends?

What do you guys think? Friends with exes, good or bad?

Lots of people have varied oppinions on this so it would be good to get your feedback. This is going to be a Podcast issue on week 2 so let’s have your comments to read on air!

Update for the podcast, we have a plan now! Were hoping to start recording on Monday 4th May so keep checking in for that. Were really excited and hope you are too! The link is in the side bar so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything! Also, i have updated a page in the Lust List section on a few peices i saw over the weekend whilst browsing the web! So make sure you check that out!

My boyfriend is running the London Marathon on Sunday so were off to London for the weekend. I swear i’m more nervous than him! If you have some spare change lingering around, PLEASE sponsor him! He’s running it for a local charity called Myton Hospice and it’s going to a really good cause so help anyway you can!!

And, thats it from me, i’m being badgered to leave, leave your comments and views, i love reading them!

Sarah xoxo


Tuesday 14th April 2009

Hello fashionistas,

Just a quick update! Share Your Style is going to be turned into it’s very own Podcast! The video blogging idea will stilbe happening but i thought that Podcasting could be a fun ideato turn into a show! I’ve had a few ideas already but im hooking up with Becky tonight to mind-map and see what ideas she has and hopefully come up with something really fun for you all. It will hopefully turn out so that we manage to do it weekly/fortnightly and talk about product reviews, style advice, what’s occurring weekly in fashion etc.

If you don’t quite know what Podcasting is, it is basically broadcasting online – kind of similar to a radio show – but to a broader audience and online. Also, you can subscribe via iTunes and download it to your iPod and MP3 players to have a listen on the go! Bonus!

I’m really excited to get this going. I think it’s a really fun idea to get everyone talking. So, we need anything you think we should talk about! Whether that’s questions about fashion disasters, style tips, product reviews, agony aunt style dilemmas and you can leave them as comments below and also send us emails (the email address in the ‘Contact Us’ page).

This is the link to the Podcast which hasn’t got any content on YET but if you subscribe, you’ll be the first to find out when the first episode is up and running so you wont miss a thing!

So, send us your questions!!

Sarah xo

Sunday 12th April 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter Bunnies!

Easter Bunnies!

I hope you all have a brilliant day full of chocolate & roast dinners! (and maybe some eastenders!)..ive started early and spent a Saturday night in Twittering and eating Mars bar easter eggs washed down with a can of fosters. I am truely grotesque. Not looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend being over and having to return back to working and not receiving poached eggs on toast in bed every morning!

Have you got anything exciting planned for Easter? Leave your comments below!



Have a great day! xox

Friday 10th April 2009

Hello Bloggers!

I don’t know about you guys but the weather near me is shockingly bad so I’ve ended up sleeping for 1 out of 4 of my days off work. Boo. Also, for some reason, my throat feels like it’s the size of two walnuts so I’m trying to dose up on medicine so i can leave the house this evening and get a bit giddy but considering I’m still sat in my pants at 6pm – this seems unlikely…

I’ve been checking out some cool websites lately that are becoming quite addictive so i thought I’d tell you guys about them so you can check them out for yourselves!

    My Omgpop!

    My Omgpop!

    Omgpop! is a fun website full of all kinds of games for you to play against other people around the world. As you get better you receive different medals and points to become a higher rank! There’s a scrabble type one which i really enjoyed, and a sketch one where you draw something and your opponents have to guess what it is and so on. It’s a really fun idea if your bored!



    My Likaholix!

    My Likaholix!

Likaholix is a website based on ‘liking’ things. You basically type in what you ‘Like’ and it comes up with images and an option to write a review about it and then others can like it too! If somethings not listed, you can list it yourself so when anyone else searches for the same product it will then come up! It’s really cool because if you like something enough, you become what’s called a ‘Tastemaster’ in the subject. As you can see, on mine I’m a tastemaster in Fashion because i liked a certain amount of fashion things! Wahoo.

And, for all you Twitter users, there’s a site called Tweet Stats and it’s really interesting to do. All you need to do is type in your Twitter user name, and then you get a whole load of your stats since you’ve been using Twitter! It gives you the low-down of anything you’d need to know about a tweet. It gives you information about how often you tweet, what time of day your usually tweeting, how your tweeting and how often you’ve ‘@replied’ to somebody.

    My Tweet Stats!

    My Tweet Stats!

Also, there’s a ‘Tag Cloud’ option which shows you the most used words you’ve tweeted with. AND if that’s not enough, you can even change all the colours to make it look pretty…I’m finding it all very interesting interesting indeed!

My Tag Cloud!
My Tag Cloud!

So, a couple of sites you may not have known about! If you check them out, be sure to leave comments to let me know what you think! Or add me on the sites so we can play each other, or maybe i could tweet about something else than the above! Have you seen any sites you’d like to share? Leave your comments below too!

All this hunting has made me hungry…have a Good Friday! (See what i did there..hmph..)

Big Kisses!

Sarah xo

OH, p.s:  Whilst your online, please please PLEASE vote for my friends band below for the Road to V Festival. They got lots of votes last year but didn’t get through but they definately deserve it. They’re great lads and the music is brilliant! Check them out at this link Cafe Racer – Myspace. And to vote, click the widget below and you can even get yourselves a free download!

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Tuesday 6th April 2009 

Love London

Love London

Hello fashionistas, I have just got back home from 4 days in London so I am feeling pretty knackered and partied out but i had such a hilarious time so it counteracts it! It really makes you realise how being with your girlfriends every now and then is SO important. You get a chance to talk about things that make you happy or sad and it’s really refreshing. I have lots of different girlfriends and each has different opinions, gossip, stories, style, humour – everything, and i love it when we get together and can just be silly!

I love travelling on the train alone on long journeys because i love getting lost in my own thoughts and I really like people watching. This time though i got slightly distracted by the treats combination of a city slicker next to me. I understand everyone gets hungry on long journeys but it was a boiling hot day and this chappy decided UHT skimmed milk and strawberries was his ideal snack and i couldn’t help but watch his tedious behaviour of  ‘bite strawberry, swig milk’ routine until a little girl in front of me decided i was definately more interesting to watch and stuck her head through the gap in the chair for the entire journey with no facial expressions whatsoever…

A  couple of days later, after doing a bit of shopping in Oxford Circus, i got lost coming out of Liverpool St Station  and ended up in the middle of a big posh work estate full of men in suits drinking coffee and looking at me like i was a tramp. So, feeling slightly aggravated and less than amused at being lost in London, i got told the right route and carried on until i had done nearly a whole circuit of Liverpool St Station and found my right bus stop. Then, a stranger comes up behind me and mumbles something but feeling abit flustered, I ignored it. He gets louder and eventually shouts “Excuse me lady, your skirt is tucked into your pants!” and when i looked down, to my horror he was right! My stupid, unattraactive love heart pants i wore over my tights to stop them falling down all day were completely on show with my lovely polka dot dress tucked inside. I was horrified. It must have happened when i got off the tube but that was literally 30 minutes ago! WHY HADN’T ANYONE ELSE TOLD ME!?!?!

Other than loosing a shoe, collapsing in the middle of a busy road, singing New York New York by Frank Sinatra on karaoke, table dancing thinking i looked like Paris Hilton (i didnt!) and showing a station full of people my pants-over-tights combo  it was a brilliant, pain free weekend!

So, back to Sharing Styles! I’m still waiting to see your videos or pictures of styles/products/advice etc. Had a few hints and tips which i thank you guys for but we need to get the sharing movement moving so GET RECORDING ladies!

I’ve got to unpack and wash but this week i’ll be updated lots to the blog and hopefully get some real videos up soon from you guys! Photos are also always welcome! The idea is to share any tips you have with others to let’s get doing it!

Big kisses,

Sarah xo


Image Source: I Love London Picture

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