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The wind fought the Law & the wind won..

Posted on: March 3, 2009

 ~ Tuesday 3rd March 2009 ~

Oh, how stupid do i feel now after premature blogging about the delights of spring. If you have been outside today and nearly been taken away by the wind then i second that motion. Worst of all, it’s raining too, so I’ve had a ridiculously hilarious experience with a giant umbrella nearly taking me away – and I’m not a light person. Literally, on four occasions this giant umbrella turned itself inside out and was dragging me in the opposite directon screaming and swearing and loosing all composure with completely wild hair. HILARIOUS. Members of the public must have thought i was literally mental.

But, whilst i was dancing my way around the wind with wild hair and two left feet, every other woman i came across remained calm & relaxed and it reminded me of all the other times i fall into an embarrassing situation,  I always seem to be the one who ends up in me loosing all sense of dignity and watching others around me remaining composed and still looking fabulous whilst i look like a fiery beast. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!??

Had a great time in London on Saturday with my girlfriends. My favourite part (apart from the cool drinking places, getting dressed up and eating pizza) had to be falling into bed at 5am with my bestest and watching shameless and giggling for ages. For reasons i cannot remember, the word ‘Schlong’ appeared to have us in fits of giggles and we couldn’t stop talking about past experiences, hilarious male disasters and recreating news headlines and adverts for our male friends who are under the thumb and are never allowed any fun. Brilliant.

After a hectic weekend of travelling and drinking, this week has kicked off to a very bad start diet wise. I really honestly cannot stop thinking about cakes and sweeties and it’ driving me crazy. I’ve ended up throwing the diet down the pan and giving in and now have a sugar overload situation and worst headache ever. So disappointed in myself.

I did a lot of thinking on the train home though. My ipod is like a throwback from the 90’s full of cheesy stuff but it really helps relive certain experiences and gets me thinking. I’m entering a writing competition (don’t want to say too much to jinx it) which has to be in next month so I’m really conjuring up some feelings and musics a brilliant way to relive stuff. Especially if you, like me, tag a song to a particular situation and just listening to it brings everything back. Bliss!

Back to the important stuff,  Becky’s section is nearly finished, her first article is going to be on fake tan so keep checking for that. She’s trialled some at the weekend and has some brilliant advice for you ladies. Also, tomorrow I’ll be updating the Lust List section with my favourite topic, KILLER HEELS.

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2 Responses to "The wind fought the Law & the wind won.."

Haha don’t worry about the wind, I got blown off of a doorstep while talking to someone on tuesday and sort of yelped like a complete and total tit. The geezer wouldn’t stop laughing at me 😦

haha! I don’t know what it is but it really does make you go crazy! I must’ve looked so mental…xx

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